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Song stops randomly during playback

Song stops randomly during playback

Hello there, 


since the most recent upgrade, I'm experiencing problems when playing songs inb Spotify.  It happens on my Desktop, but on my BOSE en SONOS system as well.


The songs just stops during playback. It sometimes happens a few times in 5 minutes, other times it happens once every thirty minutes. You canunderstand this ain't very comfortable.


I allready reinstalled the application, removed cache etc. I'm not experiencing any network problems neither.


I'm a premium user.


As an attachment, you can find a screensht of the console window. The last lines are the ones that were appearing as soons as a track stopped playing in the middle of the song.


Could you please tell me what is going wrong?


9 Replies

This same thing is happening to me.  It will pause the music and show a random song in my starred playlist as "Now Playing" that I did not select.


Very annoying. 

Indeed, when stopping...a rondom starred song is shown.


Are you using an external device as well? (sonos, bise, etc...)? 

Spotify Connect is automatically coming up on my phone -- wonder if recent Connect updates is causing this...

Testing this as we speak. I turned off my phone, my music server (BOSE) and my IPAD (SONOS).


I'll keep you posted, but for the issues the last 2 hours. Maybe the root cause is maybe a sync problem (since the console log is mentioning 'an outdated update id')

Ha, I did the same thing!  After disconnecting all other devices on the netwrok, no issues again.


Definitely a bug Spotify needs to handle.

Apparently there was already a post concerning this. No solution though.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure it is the combi Desktop <-> Android Spotify Connect  which is causing the bug. Even after shutting down my phone, after a while i get some weird error messages in the desktop console log (but the song doesn't stop playing any moere). Seems there is an issue synchronising the two devices in a decent way.  


Anyway, here's the link:


Hope Spotify will fix this soon, cause I don't have the time to waste my energy on things like this. A move to deezer might be more efficient.


Meanwhile, i'll uninstall spotify connect from my android. This is the only (reasonable) solution i can think of right now.

Thanks man.  I'll follow it from that post now.  Yeah, between this issue and not supporting Chromecast, I am ready to jump ship as well.

At this moment in time, Sept 2016, i am still experiencing this problem on a daily, repeating basis. This means about 6 hours of listening a day with about as much times a random stop of playback. Annoying to say the least. (Samsung Galaxy S7, latest updates installed)

It's happening again, iPad background playback stopping every 5s, not impressed, premium my **bleep**!

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