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Spoitfy black blank page

Spoitfy black blank page








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Windows 10


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I'm using Spotify on Windows 10. I used to use Spotify through Facebook login. All of a sudden one day I wasn't able to open Spotify. It would just show me a black blank page. I've tried EVERYTHING. Even on my new account it's the same. I can't access any music/webpage/playlist. Even if i try it shows this black blank page. There's nothing I can click. 



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Hey there @MJee,


Welcome to the Spotify Community, it's great to have you here!


Would you be able to try opening in a Private or Incognito window? Are you only seeing this on the Spotify Web Player, or are you seeing this on other sites as well ( or etc)?

I can access ( and
the only one I can't access is to search/play music
because nothing shows up but a blank page. As I've said, I've tried every
possible thing.

Thanks for checking @MJee,


Just to be thorough, would you be able to check if this happens using any other browsers? Also, are you following a link to get to the Spotify Web Player, or are you going directly to 🙂 

I only use Chrome, but checked on Firefox, it's still happening.
I follow a link to get to the Spotify Web Player and go directly to,
they both show the same black blank page.


Thanks @MJee,


Would you be able to try clearing your cookies and cache, as well as removing/disabling any extensions you have, then trying again? 🙂


Let me know how it goes! 

I've tried that before, I've tried everything, everything I could possibly
think of. There was no change 😞

Hey @MJee.


Thanks for getting back to us.


It sounds like something is preventing you from accessing the music on Spotify. Have you tried what happens when you download the full app from here?


If you are using your computer in a work-environment, we recommend getting in touch with your system administrator as they should be able to figure out why you are not able to connect.


Hope it helps. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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