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Why was the queue moved to the right instead of the center?

Why was the queue moved to the right instead of the center?

My playlist queue used to be in the center column on the desktop app. Now it has moved to the right column and I really hate it there. How do I move it back to the center?
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So am I unable to have my now playing (Large Cover Art) and upcoming songs at the same time anymore? They now occupy the same area on the right side of the PC app. This UI is honestly terrible. So the actual playlist I am listening to just sits in the center doing nothing. I used to be able to have my queue in the center and my now playing on the right.


Who thought this was better? Whats the benefit?



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Windows 11


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i can't move it really sucks, i don't see time of tracks anymore! Please enable option to bring old view back!!!




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(Windows 10)

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they were separate queue was in the middle and now playing was at the right side now both are on the right and can't view both at the same time anymore.

Hey @Mear_Night, thanks for asking in the Community!


Could you share a screenshot of the same so I can take a closer look?


If you are talking about the new now-playing view on the right, it does contain a queue section. But it only shows the next track. You can click open queue or the queue icon on the bottom player to open it in the middle view as before.


You can read about the new now-playing view here.


Let me know if that helps.

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Right, I hate this change too... Please change it back!

Before when i clicked on queue was in the middle of the screen below release radar now it's on the right,and i could have both now playing and queue up at the same time now i can't after i restated the app earlier today it changed.

Screenshot (49).png
Screenshot (50).png

I hate this too give us a option to switch it back.  

After a recent update, the queue is now only visible as a sidebar. I don't dislike this change completely, as it does make it easier to place songs into a specific place in my queue. But what I do dislike is that there is no option to maximize the queue to the full window. The sidebar doesn't have enough room to show the full names of all tracks, and it doesn't show the duration of songs or podcasts either. This is very helpful information that users need the ability to see.


Allowing users to maximize the queue sidebar to the full window provides maximum utility of the feature.


EDIT: My post was moved from Ideas to Help. I don't know why, as my post was an Idea to improve upon this feature. Spotify, please restore this as an Idea.

@SPOTIFY, new UI is terrible!  I always use my queue when playing spotify and I rearrange it during listening! 

It should be in the center and show tracks duration!

I am so angry at this  I  sierosly consider changing service after so many years with spotify! ;(

this does not help. 



Operating System

Windows 10


Recently I updated the Spotify app for windows 10 and I hate the new arrangement of the home and queue window. Before the update my app looked like the web player looks now. Is there any way that I download the previous version of the program or get the before update looks (like the current web player).


Thanks for help!

@Amayy clicking "open queue" or the queue icon does not work. The queue stays in a sidebar. It is possible you are running an old version of Spotify.

This is an awful "improvement". Please please please revert this or make it optional in the Windows version. I need my queue in the main view, including durations.Not the default **bleep** which is pretty useless.

The new updated changed the style of queue adjustment we want the old way back not to side tab we need to be able to fully adjust like it was 

Hey folks!


Sometimes, you or others might notice something different within the app—this could be because Spotify is always testing things to see how these changes improve the overall experience. It's possible that some of you have gotten access to one of these features, which might not be available to others.


If you need help with anything else, do not hesitate to ask in the Community!


Happy Listening! 🙂🎵

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Well, if this was a test, it failed miserably...

I hate this change too. 99% of the time I'm using spotify on PC I have the queue opened and now I can barely read what it says because it's so small

I just downloaded the last version without this ridiculous change, so if it's a big issue for you, you can do that too. (version

please, keep showing the length of the songs while on queue

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