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"Create New Station" disappeared?

"Create New Station" disappeared?






Dell XPS 13

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Windows 10


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In a recent update my "Create New Station" tab disappeared. I still have my radio available with the stations I previously created, but I can't create new ones. I can search for an artist and then go to their profile to create a station but they don't appear in my stations page.Spotify Radio.PNG


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I'm having the same problem

Spotify removed it

Hey, all!


Spotify is aware of the issue and they are looking into it. Check the Status Update of this Issue thread to stay updated on this. 🙂


There are a couple of workaround on how to start radio stations:

making playlist radios with Autoplay

and it's possible to create radio stations in the web player as well. Navigate to any album, playlist, song or artist, click the three dots and select 'Start Radio'.

Hopefully the feature returns soon!

Have a nice day!

No, unclesilas
Spotify did not remove it because my husband still has it. It's a bug.

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