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[All Platforms] Customize Start Screen

This is not a new idea, but I haven't found any practical reply to it, so I think it needs to be repeated. I completely agree with Rennestein (screen capture below), we need to stop seeing irrelevant suggestions because it is annoying. Why can't it be possible to decide what we first see when we open Spotify on any device? (playlists, recently played, artists we're following, etc), and enjoy better our Spotify experience?
Please Spotify, let us have the home screen as we'd like. :)) Thank you!
SPOTIFY customize screen.JPG

Updated on 2023-02-23

Hey folks,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Community and showing your support to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Update from the 23rd of Feb 2023:
A new feature was recently introduced in the mobile app which you may find interesting as it allows users to remove content recommendations from the subfeeds (Music and Podcasts & Shows) of their Home screen, thus expanding upon the current customization options and offering a improved, more personalized experience. You can find more info about it in the Status update here.

Thanks Casual Listener! I totally agree! I at least want to remove things I am totally not interested in!! I am not a single, so I don’t want to hear SINGLE PODCASTS together with my girlfriend! How annoying is that?!?? Stop doing that Spotify!


I don't mind the suggestions also and have found great new music through Spotify suggestions but within playlists, I have the opportunity to dislike a song and it can be removed from the algorithm. I just want that ability on the homepage. By all means, tell me Joe Rogan has a podcast I might want to listen to, but please just let me remove it when I know I don't want to listen to it.


I like this as well given these shortcut. Shortcut should be user customized option, not your suggestion. You already have "Made for you" list, I believe everyone here thinks that is enough.


And what about the podcast titled "**bleep** town"???


What's that? You guys don't like having C U M T O W N spelt out in a big unremovable tile all over your screen? No thanks Spotify, moving along. 



I concur. All I want is music, don't care for podcasts, and it seems that Spotify don't care for their customers either...


It honestly gets worse and worse. I can't believe they are ruining the user experience with this feature. It's so awful. The worst mistake they've ever made. 

Hahaha fk me, they will bleep out the word **bleep** c u m, but they're fine with
displaying **bleep** Town on our own homepage, what a bunch of fkn tools

This is very much needed since with all the obsolete stuff that has been added recently. Shows you might like? New episodes? Stay informed? Please, give me a break and let me remove this!


By the way, I see casual listener in my profile. That's a joke. Been using Spotify for years on a daily base.


Very annoying that I can't hide podcasts. I want music, I'm paying for it! Not annoying people talking about stuff I don't care about.


Even more annoying: this has been requested at least since 2019. Two thousand nineteen, for heaven's sake! I'm a software engineer myself and I'm quite sure this feature can be developed within hours, tested within days and deployed within a few weeks, at max.