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[All Platforms] Customize Start Screen

This is not a new idea, but I haven't found any practical reply to it, so I think it needs to be repeated. I completely agree with Rennestein (screen capture below), we need to stop seeing irrelevant suggestions because it is annoying. Why can't it be possible to decide what we first see when we open Spotify on any device? (playlists, recently played, artists we're following, etc), and enjoy better our Spotify experience?
Please Spotify, let us have the home screen as we'd like. :)) Thank you!
SPOTIFY customize screen.JPG

Updated on 2023-02-23

Hey folks,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Community and showing your support to this idea.
We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.
Update from the 23rd of Feb 2023:
A new feature was recently introduced in the mobile app which you may find interesting as it allows users to remove content recommendations from the subfeeds (Music and Podcasts & Shows) of their Home screen, thus expanding upon the current customization options and offering a improved, more personalized experience. You can find more info about it in the Status update here.

I would like to be able to customize start screen, pick favorite categories, or even just give feedback like "show more of this/show less" type of feedback. For example: I absolutely love the "trending albums for you" list and I've found some great new albums and artists through it; but it's only on my home page so often and it gets annoying just randomly scrolling trying to find it and it's not there.


Please do anything but force me into using these awful giant tiles. 


i want to delete items from my home screen , very unhappy this is not possible


Not being able to hide or remove any of “my shows” (I am not following ANY of them) from the top of the Home Screen might lead to me getting outed for having ADHD at work. All because I listened to 2 episodes of a podcast once. Wondering if HIPPA laws might play into this. I don’t understand why this is a difficult feature. Is Spotify being incentivized for this design?


Just sent an unhinged rant to some poor B*st*rd at Spotify customer service about this. Hopefully he at least works from home so he could be stoned when reading that $h!t.


Love this app, but have never been so aggregated at my home page today.


Why the h3ll are they breaking things that don't need fixing, and shoving unwanted content in our face like Apple did U2's album?


Let us pick what we want to see to some extent. At the very least, let me remove all podcast stuff from my homepage and let me turn off notifications and suggestions for political garbage or identity p0L!tics.


Idc if a person is black or gay. If their music matches what the app sees as my style, PLAY IT FOR ME. They aren't great artists because of their skin color, and it's insulting to not promote good music based of it's artistic merit itself and do it for identity politics and virtue signaling.


Please let us take off bad recommendations! There are weird shows being suggested that I don't want on my home screen!


Spotifys arrogance on this issue is shocking.


It's incredible. There is no way they don't have the resources to change it, but that makes you wonder why they simply refuse to change it. At least on platforms like YouTube you can say if you don't like something recommended by the algorithm and it will phase it out.


There is no way to block spam podcasts from showing up on the homepage while allowing podcasts currently. Please fix this.


+1 even though it's not being looked at right now. I'm happy that audiobooks that I clicked on one time are no longer cluttering my screen. Now I'd like it if I didn't have to see New Episodes of a podcast I followed but no longer do.