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[Android] Landscape mode on Now Playing view

When using my phone in the car I put it in a car holder. The holder is horizontal in order to have better view for navigation etc. I use spotify also a lot in the car but when using the playing music I'm not able to rotate the screen but the playlists dose rotate

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Updated on 2022-09-07

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Thanks for your comprehension!


So finally I found the App "Screen Orientation Control" (, which is able to overrule stupid portrait mode of Now Playing screen in landscape orientation on my Lenovo Smart Tab M8 (TB-8505FS). Of course this is just a workaround and Spotify should fix this issue. 


@goforityup that works. I'll take that as workaround, thank you.

Just to clear thing up for anyone else who looks into this...
This a screenshot from Feb 2021 and the screen I'd like to have back in spotify.



What I get today is the below:



If you press the arrow, you get this



And this is the 3rd market app @goforit mentioned ->





"Not right now" for almost 4 years...


You would normally guess that "Not right now" means that things will be eventually fixed, but this is Spotify... 


I remember that before this ticket was made it even worked fine on phones. They just broke it and then haven't been able to fix it in 4 years. If there was ticket like that for development in my workplace, then I would be called utterly incompetent for not being able to fix something so small in so many years. 


Weird is that this one does not actually appear when you search in ongoing issues with filter "Not right now". Even then it seems to have one of the most votes in it's category, but still zero progress in years. Makes me wonder if the UI guy was fired 4 years ago and now noone is able to handle that "legacy" code to make screen orientation work again in that one view.



To add insult to the injury, Spotify Lite supports this feature. I added the volume and power buttons at bottom right myself via ADB, but rest is just  Spotify Lite. The app even set the background colour of the bottom and top panels.

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Hong Kong



Samsung Galaxy A71


Operating System

Android 13


My Question or Issue

The Now Playing Screen doesn't rotate, it keeps on portrait view after my phone turns 90° .  I believe it is not an solely issue, my other devices Samsung A71, Samsung A8+ have the same problem.


When will there come any fix for this? It was issued over 3 years ago, Spotify should have fixed this easy. The function was there before. I really need landscape mode soon


No they will not fix it because they don't care. Switch to Youtube Music instead, much better and safer while driving


It is now 2024, and this issue has still yet to be fixed. This is especially annoying on foldable devices, since you have a lot more vertical space when in landscape mode, no reason for it to not work. What am I paying premium prices for if basic functionality like this gets ignored for over 4 years?