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Continue Everynoise is an invaluable exploration of Spotify genres, and the only place to see complete Friday releases with genre cross-references. Without it, much new music goes unheard.

The Spotify employee, glenn mcdonald, who maintained this was let go in recent round of layoffs.

Everynoise is no longer getting data feeds (beyond basic api) and New Releases may not happen.

Please make everynoise functions supported. I would prioritize New Releases.

Updated on 2024-01-27

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This is at the heart of this. This is what we're asking for.


If Spotify doesn't want to rehire Glenn, he should be at least allowed to continue accessing API that lets his website to function normally and provide the service that Spotify itself doesn't provide.


It's like Spotify knowingly removing one of its key features. Which, sadly, happened in the past, again and again.


I wasn't aware all this time. but Glenn apparently worked on major Spotify features like Daily Mix or Wrapped. This is what he gets in return.


Unfortunately, I don't know if anyone from Spotify suits can understand our point. I'd love to be proven wrong. But you know, Jarvis, I don't wanna antagonize them here, but it's not the first or the last Spotify controversy. They just might be one of these "other companies".


I've been a passionate Spotify evangelist for years, explaining that what set Spotify apart from other services was the work of EchoNest folks like Glenn McDonald and Paul Lamere.


I literally used to wake up on Fridays like a kid on Christmas eager to check out everynoise's list of new releases on Spotify. I'd passionately check out the new genres he posted to his massive list. I subscribed to dozens (hundreds?) of his playlists that kept me in touch with genres I like and genres that I *might* like. Never has there been a music discovery engine like Spotify+EveryNoise.


As another commenter said, I'd follow Glenn to another service in a heartbeat. But I'd rather keep paying Spotify! Already I held off upgrading to a Family Plan for Christmas because, frankly, opening Spotify makes me sad right now.


As Glenn regularly said, a genre is ultimately a community of love. Everynoise was that community of love for me more than any particular genre. (I'll also say that NO ONE on Twitter more patiently, clearly, and convincingly defended Spotify against silly and uninformed accusations than Glenn. He wasn't just your best "data alchemist"; he was your best PR guy.)


You really should simply rehire him (with a nice bonus). Or, if not that, give him access to the data so that he can continue to drive love to Spotify. (I should note that I've never met Glenn or any of the other EchoNest veterans. I've just been a huge fan since before Spotify acquired them, and have probably said >100 times that acquiring EchoNest was the smartest move Spotify ever made.) Santa give my music discovery back to me!


Everynoise changed the way I listen to music, please support this important work!


Please bring back Everynoise New Releases by Genre. I am lost without it. I used to use it weekly to discover new tracks. It was one of the main things that kept me using Spotify regularly.


This is an invaluable resource for composers and makes me much more likely to keep my spotify premium


The primary reason I have stuck with Spotify and didn't switch over to Apple Music is the Spotify API and all the great tools created by third parties for discovering music and building playlists. Everynoise was a critical part of that weekly discovery process, as was Paul Lamere's Smarter Playlists tool, which also quit working when everyone was laid off from Spotify. My process boiled down to:

  • Use Everynoise to find the genre(s) associated with a new band I had just discovered.
  • Use the playlist links served up by Everynoise to find the "Sound of" and "Pulse of" playlists for the genre.
  • Use Smarter Playlists to build a program that would alternate new and old tracks from mutiple genres into an integrated, de-dupped selection of songs that were not already in my On Repeat or Top Tracks, etc.

Now I can use none of these: Everynoise genre and related artist discovery, Everynoise and Particle Detector playlists, and the Smarter Playlists tool for pulling it all together. This makes me much more inclined to switch to Apple Music which integrates better with my Apple devices and other Apple services. PLEASE BRING BACK EVERYNOISE AND SMARTER PLAYLISTS!


I'm astonished that Spotify would be careless enough to include the amazing Glenn McDonald in a round of mass layoffs. I assume he'll soon be adding extraordinary value to some other music service, but in the meantime, the least Spotify can do as damage control is to enable EveryNoise to continue.


Come on, Spotify - give us a reason to think there's still hope for the future of the internet as more than just a set of corporate walled gardens.


everynoise was critical for finding new music and exploring the catalog. half of the reason I continue to pay for Spotify was because of the service Spotify and everynoise provided in tandem. I am considering switching streaming platforms.


This is such an important service, and one that puts Spotify above the rest in terms of music streaming services. Please re-enable access for Everynoise, it makes new music discovery fun and exciting!


Everynoise was my Library of Alexandria, and you're burning it down from the inside. Cut it out.