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New "likes" system is a mess

To like a song you click the plus, but to unlike it you have to do multiple clicks/taps. It's incredibly clunky. This was way better as 2 separate buttons, there's no benefit to merging the two. You also need to know what the button does and how it all works.


And when viewing a playlist you can't see which tracks are liked, because the check mark means it's either on a playlist or liked. It's totally obtuse compared to the simple heart icon from before.


There might be some parts of a good idea here, but this current approach is clunky, messy, and unclear.

Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

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I just designed how I believe the heart button could be brought back in a way that merges both the suggestions from the community. My designs brings back the heart button in a way I believe Spotify would be happy with also.


You can check out my design process here which includes all the designs at the end -


Disagreed. This feature is awesome and huge improvement on usual flow of adding songs to multiple playlists. 
1 extra step to dislike a song again, 5 steps won when adding to 5 playlists. 


I totally agree


Bring back the hearts! They were so much easier! 


The people liking this new add-to-playlist feature must be using it on the mobile app. As far as the desktop app goes, I'm not seeing how it improves much of anything.


Doing a drag-drop of one or more selected tracks from the main center panel over to a playlist on the left navigation panel is easier. So is copying one or more tracks via Ctrl-C and then pasting to a playlist via Ctrl-V.


I tried using this new add-to-playlist feature and it's not much better than the old tedious right-click method (or clicking on the ...) via the context menu. Am I missing something here?


VOTE for "Additional Green Checkmark for Same Song on OTHER Albums"


Agreed because i remember in my head which song is liked or which one is not unfortunately everyone has not memory accurate as mine so please Spotify fix liking system


Totally agree, this design change makes no sense and is objectively worse in every way. Crazy to think Spotify spent time and money to make their app this way.


Agree! We need both buttons.


Bring back the heart icon/Liked functionality, even if it's called something else! It should be 1-clickable to like/unlike regardless of the view, easily seen in both lists and from the "playing now" screen, and distinct from other playlists in behavior and indicators/icons. The good part of the new system is being able to add/remove a song from multiple playlists at the same time, so that should stay, but be separate from Liking.


Yes it's frustrating and unlogical we can't SEE which songs we liked, anymore...We can like, but don't get to SEE the like..


For me almost everything is made messy and annoying that substituted the like HEART.


My suggestion: Why not put both options behind the songs..The HEART and the green dot.


What's the point of taking away a heart and getting a green tick behind the song we play???

Where are the Three dots for behind the Green Dot? Spotify puts exactly the same thing double and no option to have an overview of liked songs in our playlists anymore? This is weird!


It's like taking away the tires from our cars and substitute them with bricks. First you give cars with tires. It works and people get used to them. Suddenly people just have to get used to the cars with bricks...?


Now the green dot shows me that the song is already in one of my Playlists, but when I scroll over the green dot it asks me to "Add it to a Playlist"? It's already in my playlist that's why the green dot is there, right?

I use the desktop app on my laptop more than the app on my phone and it's frustrating that everywhere we now scroll with our cursor in our playlists a stalking green check mark appears following the cursor... terribly jittery and worthless.

On artist playlists, we now see a green check mark if the song is already in a playlist we created. It doesn't say which playlist and it could already be in multiple playlists... But when we're in our own playlist, songs don't have a check mark if the song is already in another list. In my offered "Mix Playlists" and my "Top tracks this Month"(only visible to you) most of the songs have a green dot. But some don't have the green dot, but they all exist and are saved in my own playlists....Why Why Why?? Why some don't have the green dot..? Why the green dot ones show that I can add them to a Playlist, and the ones that don't have I can only like them to add them to my 'liked' playlist???? It's terrible confusing and doesn't make sense.. What is the positive development of this change?

We now have to check all the time which playlist we are in and what the check mark means in this specific playlist. Everything is made unclear and messy with the worthless and annoying green check marks, but more without SEEING the hearts..


Why make it harder to like a song. I don't like taking 2 steps to like a song. Another reason for me to not like songs anymore... Why not explain radical changes, Spotify? What is the reason for taking away the hearts? Does it have to do with algorithms, or do we like too many songs...are customers/clients/users/musiclovers (with a heart) too busy creating good and fun playlists? What was wrong with the Like Heart?

The first month I thought it was a bug. Now we know it's an incredibly strange change...

Now it's possible to like a song without knowing that it has already been liked and may have been liked many times now... We can't SEE it! Now with many songs I thought I already liked, I like them again just to be sure... and I hope I will SEE the like (heart) again...


I never use the Liked List to listen to songs. I just think it's a useful way to quickly create a playlist for people who don't have a playlist or take the time to listen to one, and probably use the skip button more than once. Even in their beloved playlist. So what's the point of a playlist if you're skipping songs and scrolling? Especially now that there are no more likes behind the songs. I make my own playlists and SEEING a song I like points to a better song. Now every playlist looks boring... without SEEING the songs you love. Also more difficult to sort. Nothing attracts me and stops me to listen somewhere in the middle of the playlists anymore, because I don't SEE that there are some liked songs in that section...


Before this change, I was working on my playlists on Spotify every day. Since this weird change I found myself staring, crying and screaming at my Spotify app and only listening to my playlists 3 times since then...


Creating playlists without 'liked' favorite songs (HEART) is worthless. Listening to disorganized playlists also sucks.


This change even broke the Discography sections of all my songs saved to my 'Your Library' when directed from there to the Discographies section of the artists on the Spotify Desktop app. Many users have the same issue.


It's taking too long... I think it's a policy to discourage us..