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[Playlists] expand playlist song limit

there is a 10k songs limit pls expand it 

Updated on 2023-05-01

Hey! It looks like your suggestion is growing up fast and it's amazing! We are going to change its status to 'Good Suggestion' now and we hope it continues being supported by more and more users.
Thanks again for your suggestion. We really appreciate it 🙂

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There is currently a limit of 10,000 songs in a playlist. Can you please increase this limit to at least 50,000, preferrably 100,000.

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Updated: 2016-09-20

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This idea is a re-post of this inactive idea.


Guys... (and girls...) Does ANY of you think this whole thread makes any sense and Spotify will read, let alone - they will change this?!? 


It is absolutely more than ridiculous that we - as fare-paying-PREMIUM-users - are being limited in using this product on a fare base. Yes, we are limited in our choices! Why do we pay to be limited?  And what is so PREMIUM to this paid service except leaving out the commercials?


There is only a minority who report this 10.000 limit issue to be unsatisfying, annoying and to be indignant with. When Spotify looks at the percentage of how many people actually has reached 10.000 songs in their personal library, of course there is less than 1% who reaches the 10.000 limit! Because YOU CAN'T reach it! I got 9855 songs and this is called to be my max of 10.000 songs!

Please tell me lads & gents, how many of you are UNDER this limit and is told that they've reached the max of 10.000: I dare you to check your exact number of songs by going to your song list (songs in your music), then select them all (win: ctrl+a / mac: cmd+a) and drag to see the exact number of songs. 9 out of 10 it's LESS than this 10.000 while you've been said that you have reached your 10.000 limit! 

Therefore: Dear Spotify:  You are fooling yourself with this explanation! I bet there are way more users who experience this problem; at least 222 pages of negative comments on this topic only on THIS site!!! And that's only those users who take the effort to report it! Did you already hear about the fact that only less than 40 percent of ALL unsatisfied people report their complaint at the responsible organization and besides that all the others (that's more than 60 percent of all unsatisfied people) tell their negative experience to a minimum of 15 other people instead of reporting it to you, Spotify? (If this <40% is already able to know WHERE they can report it!) Above that: and this is just a free tip: Of the non-complainants, 80% leaves to another provider/supplier without telling you at all!


So please don't come with arguments that only 1 % of the users reaches the 10.000 limit. You should take these comments more serious. You make a monkey out of yourself if you really think and take this measurement as an indicator of all the serious complaints and users that are annoyed about this limitation. If music should free your soul, you keep your customers detained by setting a limit on their choices!


So for all of you who want to get rid of this 10.000 limitation: First of all: make sure you've logged in on this Community and vote for this “Live Idea”. Make sure that we bundle all similar – liked threads: So click on the following link to bundle all votes in one and the same thread: (scroll to the top to see the vote button). Be aware that IF you already voted in the “increase-maximum-songs-allowed-in-Your-Music-thread” in the past, that you don’t push the button again, otherwise your vote will be withdrawn and it will bring back the number of votes! So only press Vote if the button shows “+ Vote”. 


It is actually absurd that we have to vote to make Spotify change this! :@)


Second: Share this message as wide as you can or IF you can find shorter lines to the Spotify Management People let them read this post to wake them up.


Third: Ok, let me say that it’s not all bad there is at Spotify (they could have a better accessible and more direct support opportunities though) there are also a lot of good features. But these can also be found at other providers: Apple Music / Google Play Music for example, with much wider or no limitations. If you (users) really want to change this: LETS SET AN ULTIMATUM DATE TO abandon this limitation before we move and migrate to another music streaming service. This Issue has been reported by users since April 2014. Now we’re almost three years further on, no changes are been made since. It’s time to make this chance Spotify… Please provide us with an unlimited personal library. Let's say... before the end of April 2017? You’ve got enough time to do this, didn’t you? Three years… That should be a real and reasonable timeframe… isn’t it? In these three years, you could make a real (and proper) inventory of what the need of enlargement of this song limit really is instead of giving yourself just a false quote on how custom behavior works in relation to complaints handling. And if you are still blind to see and stick to your position that it’s only less than 1 % of your users that reaches the limit… what in god sake is the problem to increase this limit for “those few” people…?


Spotify: Don’t give us stupid arguments… What you tell us is “We don’t care about customer satisfaction at all”, “We don’t take our customers seriously”, “We don’t listen to the needs of our customers”. That are three ways you did NOT learn on your marketing-based-education to get and KEEP customers. When you want to keep us, take some action now! We’re still asking you friendly to disable this limit real soon before a lot of unsatisfied users will get their needs for music elsewhere.


First, thanks Spotify for lifting the ceiling on the number of songs that can be saved in my library.


However, that original idea really was about removing the 10,000 song list ceiling in a single playlist:


I need the ability to have supersize playlists because my music discovery method uses a massive playlist of listened-to songs to help me identify new songs. I copy songs in bulk to that playlist, disallow duplicates, and look for the new stuff when I sort by date added.


Mr. Spotify, tear down this wall!


Spotify community, please validate and vote!!!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2020-09-14

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


@robert_joy   Thanks for asking for this as it is a feature that should of been available from the start of Spotify!



       >> ... I need to copy songs in bulk to that supersized playlist, disallow duplicates . . . .


Yes, the ability to play from supersized playlists is top requirement for serious music fans-- Otherwise, Spotify is frustrating and repetitive like Pandora.


And yes, this play from supersized playlists has been tops from the beginnings of Spotify.  Some may disagree . . . .


Luckily my friends showed me how to collect and edit and combine supersized playlists using what Spotify has given us plus some quick and return processing to and from a few formulated Excel spreadsheets.  Otherwise, I could not play from my 117,875 track and growing AllOfSpotify_Queue >> << with zero repeats in a rolling 90 days of continuous play-- and with zero unrequested covers, and with zero unrequested Remixes.


Maybe my friends will show up and give us instructions again in how we can do this ourselves!


Or maybe Spotify will do this right this time . . . .


Regardless-- this processing from supersized playlists is top requirement if you know music and would like variety-- and if you seek new music and new artists.



As someone who never migrated to Library and still uses a "Starred" playlist as their library, I also would love to see this cap removed. Hoping this change gets implemented.


While I personally don't use Spotify in this manner (I typically play Liked Songs on random), I do plan on eventually digitizing music I have on cassette and vinyl which is not available on Spotify and at that point would want to be able to bulk copy everything from Liked Songs PLUS all the digitized files (stored in Google Drive) so I could access all my music at any time on the road. A lot of the music I enjoy has never made it to streaming services and I would want it all to be accessible in one place. 


Once all that digitizing was done, I would need a playlist on the order of 30,000 to 40,000 to accommodate what would be there and allow for future growth since I do still listen to new music and discover older music I enjoy all the time.


I just now created a profile so I could +1 that a bigger playlist cap needs to be implemented.

Overall, I'd love for the playlist cap to not even exist, but at the very least, double the cap from 10,000 to 20,000. It's long overdue.