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[Your Library] Search within all Playlists

Often, I'd like to find a song within one of my saved playlists.  I have a few playlists with over a thousand songs and this becomes difficult.  If I really want to listen to a certain song, I end up doing a general search, but then I have to go back to my playlist to continue listening there.  I'd like to be able to search within a playlist and then continue listening from that playlist.

Updated on 2019-09-19

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


We're setting this idea to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


If we do have any new info to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.




Can you make a search option in my playlists


Status is “not right now.”  Are you kidding?  Do a google search.  There are so many people wishing for this feature in the app.  The ability to search within playlists should be built in to streamline the user experience.  


much needed feature. along with the ability to see if a song is already in one of my playlists when listening.




If you could search an artist/song and know which playlist it was in it accomplishes the same user goal as this problem which has 3,816 votes and that people have been asking for since 2012!! 

Please! This effects my ability to add new music to my playlists. I've started just assuming everything I'm listening to is stuff I already have in a playlist which makes all the work you guys put into new music algorithms worthless as I've just started finding new music other ways.


I'm agree,

it will be very usefull, it's for me one of the most important UX tool that miss me.

I created lot of playlist with new discoveries.

Each time, i wanted to check if i If i already have a song into a playlist, i can't.

I don't understand, it's a minimum to be able to find my songs in my playlists.

It's like on each computer, if you search a file, the os gave you the path.

why there is no search operators like Gmail ? I can't imagine that you don't have that from your side.





 I have hundreds of tracks in playlists and the ability to search in my playlists is crucial. It is amazing that there is not such an option. It should be an option to search all of them and in the results to be written where was found.


I am in really big support of this idea! I really hope this gets implemented! I've posted this on reddit here


I came here to put this idea up. It is nice that others already wanted it. Most of my playlists are about 2 hours long. I go to work, put on a playlist. Go for break. Put on another playlist. Go to lunch. Playlist, break, playlist, go home. I have a lot of playlists right now. I really do not want to duplicate songs in them. Plus it would make it easier to find a song based on the mood I created for the playlist. Just saying.. It would be a nice and useful feature. And as a professional software developer myself, I can't see this as being too hard to create since you already have a good search feature. Just point the search routine to an individuals internal list instead of your current playlist library.


200+ votes already. So?


I am leaving here an idea submission I made but I was informed that there was already something similar

Hi everyone.


I have many playlists that I have created and others that I follow organised in folders and such (for some reason, most of my music, doesn't show up at "My Library" and that's because I add songs to a playlist using the "Add to Playlist" option and not "Save to your Library". That means that the "Filter" function doesn't really work in all of my music at once but rather in a playlist by playlist manner).


And let's say that I have added 10 Metallica songs in various created playlists and there are another 10 Metallica songs in other playlists I follow. If I type in the search bar "Metallica" it will show me relevant (public) results from the entire Spotify Database. However, what If I want to search my own Playlists for songs by Metallica? This will show me 20 songs, or the different Playlists that contain those 20 songs and possibly anything relevant from my own music or even better all of that information, clickable (pretty much just like the current "Search" gives out results).


Is such a search feture feasible? As for how to access it, it could be done by having a "seach my own Music" button after entering your search term, or a search field next to the "Playlists" section of the app and so on.