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Something that has always frustrated me about the queue on Spotify is how you cannot go back to a song after it’s been played on the queue. Sometimes I just want to go back to a song I played on the queue but instead it plays the song or album that I started playing before I started my queue. I don’t want to have to make a playlist for when I just want to listen to a couple albums or a couple songs I know I like. I really hope this can change.

Updated on 2021-06-15

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Spotify, I am not coming back to your platform until this is a thing

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I think this is a great idea! When listening to Spotify on a mobile device, there is currently no feature for viewing listening history; so I sometimes forget which specific songs I had added to the queue. This idea would enable one to easily revisit these tracks, without having to remember or search for them again.


pleaseeeeee do this


Totally agree, this should be a thing !



I hope this gets implemented!

I usually would put a song that seems interesting to me- well a lot of songs, actually, then when it ends- I find I like it, but it's disappeared from the queue and it would take more time than I wanted to find the song to put it in a playlist.


Seriously I don't understand why it does this

Music Fan

Queue shouldn't exist. The best way to do this is by allowing "Play Next" and "Play Later" queuing. Currently there's two queues: "Up Next" and "Queue." Queue has priority as long as it's not empty and it clears as it plays. "Play Next" should insert at the current position in a single session playlist where back and forth work like any other playlist. This gives "back" as requested and way clearer playlist semantics


This is how listening history should have been implemented. Go to your queue, and you can scroll up (or hit the “skip back” button) to go up past the current song and revisit previously played songs. 


Or basically, add a tab for recently played songs. I think they are going to add a feature like this. 🙂