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[Android] App freezes/crashes when clicking on three-dot menu in playlist




United Kingdom


Umidigi F1

Operating System

Android 9


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spotify crashes when you click the 3 dots to add to playlist, share ,view artist. etc

Changes were implemented to fix this issue for most common Android models.


Our backstage data combined with received votes and reports on this thread seem to indicate that the changes were successful for a majority of the userbase.

Unfortunately, we're aware that there're still some models with specific Android ROMs that are still experiencing the crash. At this time, we are not able to provide a fix that covers the full range of Android phones.


We'll be continuing our efforts to improve compatibility, but cannot guarantee that your specific device will be affected. As such, we'll be stopping the regular updates of this thread and are marking it as case closed.


Hey folks,


Can you let us know if you're still experiencing this issue with the latest app version (8.6.84)?


We'll be on the lookout.


It's still crashing.

Yes, it's still a piece of **bleep**


Premium account, OnePlus Pro 8, Android 11, latest version of the Spotify app from the PlayStore.  (


App freezes when opening, I get the pop-up to close the app, wait till response or send feedback.  

Already re-installed the app, without succes. Is on going since yesterday (Saturday 4 december) 

Very annoying! 








wow, thats been going for 2 years, PLEASE FIX IT AAAA I CANT LISTEN TO MUSIC ON MY REDMI NOTE  5


Hey everyone,


Thanks for posting here.


Our teams have worked backstage on fixing the specific issue that this thread relates to-namely, the app crashing whenever the three dots menu is open.


We can see from the recent posts that general app instability or crashing is reported. As each issue needs to be investigated on its own accord, we'd like to ask once more if anyone is still experiencing the app crashing specifically after trying to open the menu.


If you do experience this, please share with us a short video recording of it, together with your device data(make/model of your device and exact OS version).


Keep us posted.


It's still crashing.


Umidigi F1 / Android 9

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everyone,


We're constantly checking the thread in order to gather more information. We can see that this has been resolved for most folks with common android configurations.


It looks like some specific ROM modifications are still experiencing this issue.


Based on this, we'll be freezing the votes but we'll continue gathering info on affected devices to see if there's anything else that can be done.


As such, if you still experience this, please post your device info (exact phone model, OS version) and a video recording of the issue so we can pass this forward.




Still happening, just didn't want to figure out how to make and then upload videos for multiple phones. The primary two are Umidigi A5 Pro (Android 9) and Moto G7 Optimo (Android 10). But it's simple to describe. The "..." on a song (regardless if it's the song's album art page or in a playlist/library/search result), the second you click it the app stops working immediately. It doesn't open a dropdown or anything just immediately crashes the app.



Wow, 2 years and still no urgency to fix.

thebluecomet hits the nail on the head, what's more to explain. The app
crashes when clicking the "..." button.
Why do you need a video to show it.