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[Desktop] Spotify won't resume after pause with bluetooth headphones

I'm unable to resume after i pause the music for a few minutes with my headphones over bluetooth.

Hey everyone,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us.

We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.

We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app and all devices fully up-to-date.




This is incredible. I keep having to QUIT Spotify, which loses my track pace, just because there was a change in my bluetooth selection in my osx audio in the last hour etc.


Spotify is the ONLY app that has a problem of the sort. Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, apple music... none have this issue like that.




This is happening to me now. I listen to music on my desktop app while working, and whenever I have to pause to perform a call, once the call is ended and I try to play the music again any song won't sound even though the playing bar will keep moving forward. I uninstalled the app and installed it back and it's still happening.

I have to keep opening and closing the app because it happens all the time. I started to use YouTube as well because having to do this constantly is annoying.


I've been having this issue on-going for months now and has persisted throughout both macOS updates and Spotify updates, too. Whereby I take my AirPods out, my music pauses, and cannot be resumed without force quitting Spotify entirely then re-opening to resume my music. It also occurs if I pause my music, lock my computer and walk away (my AirPods will then disconnect) come back, reconnect, unlock and can't resume music.

Spotify for macOS (Intel)


I always have this issue with Spotify. Something as simple as resuming music should be a basic feature. I've been a Spotify premium "customer" for years.


Why are we paying for such a garbage product? Why does Spotify ignore this issue? No one from Spotify has responded to a comment in YEARS.


Every time I disconnect my bluetooth headphones I get a "spotify can't play this right now" message and the app no longer allows music playback. Then when I reconnect my headphones again I can't restart playback without closing and restarting the whole app.
Extremely frustrating as this worked just fine a few months ago!!!