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Ongoing performance issues on iOS devices - app being slow/crashing within a few minutes of playback

Hey folks,


We had received reports that some of you were experiencing technical issues on your iOS devices (running version or higher). The app was crashing or the playback was suddenly stopping.

The issue was fixed but it seems it has resurfaced shortly after. 

It is currently being investigated.

Hey folks!


Our tech folks backstage have confirmed that the initial issues, which were the reasons for this OI thread have been resolved. Seeing that most of you have stopped commenting - this seems to be confirming the case.

For anyone experiencing any further iOS issues, even if they are similar to the abovementioned, we'd like to ask you to go over the following steps:


  • Clear your app's cached data;
  • See if a complete clean reinstall of the app would make a difference;
  • Check if the issue would be present when you log in with a different account; a new free account for testing purposes can be used for this;
  • If the issue is present with both accounts, you can try a different iOS device, as this could be device-related;
  • Gather your findings and create a new post about your issue in this board here, making sure you add your device's model, its OS version and your Spotify app version

Many thanks!

P.S. If you've created a new account and you wish to transfer your music - this FAQ might be of help 🙂 




Not fixed.


On car play, with, it played one song, took two minutes to switch to the next, and then the app crashed. 


Not fixed.







iPhone 13 / 122 GB free space. 

Operating System

iOS 17.0.3

Spotify version


Wifi connection ok. Mobile internet connection ok. Battery ok. 


My Question or Issue

Spotify is superslow searching/playing songs and breaks down after a few minutes. Sometimes it can play up to 15-20 minutes but then break down. I've read in the forum that powersave on iPhone could make Spotify slow and I've notice the problem gets worse once on powersave mode. But still very slow and the app crashes even when powersave is turned off. Please solve, the family is about to riot... 🙈




Not fixed.

iOS 17.0.3

iPhone 13


App works the same way it did before the update: freezes on startup (especially in carplay mode) and crashes without fail a minute or two into any song it's able to load. 


Finally Fixed.


Just updated iPhone 7 to 8.8.82 and it no longer crashes after skipping rapidly.

I rapidly skipped 50+ songs in my liked playlist and it has not crashed yet. Songs continue to play so well done Spotify,


ill update if it stops working




This is absolutely not fixed in the version BEFORE 8.8.82.


Updating to 8.8.82 now 🤞




It’s playing and operating now for 3 days without breaking  ! 

big thank you to the support / dev teams 


Being patient pays off ! Should I write this in capitals ? 


All issues appear to be repaired 

  1. IpadOS version 16.7.1
  2. Spotify version 8.8.81



anche a me si blocca con os 17. e aggiornamenti successivi, ho provato di tutto ma niente, con quello che costa sono costretto ad abbandonare il servizio 


@Lyubka Been 3 days and seems to be fixed for my 5th generation iPad! Thanks so much for following up and tackling this issue! Streaming along nicely, now!!




Updated to 8.8.82, updated to iOS 17.1 and still has the exact same issues. The app is 99% unusable: crashes midway through every song, doesn't load playlists, freezes constantly. I'm on an iPhone 13, Premium plan, USA. Never had issues like this before.


I've never been one to get mad at customer service but I see the comments saying its fixed and I'm starting to feel like this isn't going away. It's been about a month since I've been able to use the app.