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Bring back older version of the web player.

Bring back older version of the web player.

I would never come here usually but if I do it's to moan about updates spotify does again.


I am here to address the updated web player spotify did before few days. The player was perfectly alright before I was listening my music enjoy myself every single day but oh wait spotify had to do some changes !!! OF COURSE THEY HAD TO !!!! Now my web player is all bugged refuses to play tracks i have to refresh the page few times sometimes so that it is fixed, I started getting those motherfn' adds every single 5 tracks I play which I was not getting that before few days. I installed adblock on my browser for a darn reason. AND don't tell me the problem is from me. Simply fix your web players or bring back the old version while ur getting the new one fixed. 

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Cant stand the new web player - lost the ability to repeat single tracks even though i pay for premium...

Bring back the old web player please !!


I agree 100% 

99% of the time I try to listen to a song, I can't. I am furious of this problem.

Hey guys!
While I can't offer you a solution, I can tell you what's going on at least.

The "old" Web Player that you mention was an A/B test of Spotify to bring a more Desktop-like experience to the Web Player. It was tested among a small percentage of users. This test is done now and all those users have been reverted to the "standard" Web Player that everyone else has currently.

There are no infos yet if the test was successful or if it will ever totally replace the standard Web Player. Personally, I agree with you and hope it will come back, since I prefer the UI to the normal Web Player. 😉

I don't care whether this player is, an update OR NOT. The thing is it's causing people problems and we want either to not be bugged or bring us back to the old version. PERIOD!

Just notices also that i cant sort playlists by date added anymore!

WTF - that plus the inability to loop tracks anymore makes me think its time to move services...

I was also recently reverted back to the "old" web player, and I'm not surprised at how shoddy the product is that they are offering to the majority of their users. The player is a joke. Aside from being stripped of any of it's useful features, it barely opens, and when it does, it can't even load playlists or play music. It is a shining example of Spotify's complete design and engineering incompetence. For those hoping Spotify will hear your feedback and actually make improvements, you're kidding yourself. Move on.

No it was not successful. That's all I can say.

How did you revert back ?

I can no longer add songs to playlists and while it was buggy before at least I had the option.

Agree to all.


What bugs me the most at the moment is that it's only a few playlists showing when I want to add a song to an existing playlist.

Been several days now where I couldn't see the songs in the playlists.


Fix this or bring back the previous web player ASAP!

Yes, please bring back the old version of the Web Player. The ONLY bad thing about my old web player play.spotify is that sometimes, only sometimes, it overloaded my computer like when there is too much flash in a website. But the rest was so perfect. I have convinced many people to start usung spotify and now this open.spotify is like a kick in my lower parts, because I cannot queue wongs, I have to hear horrible ads every now and then. Come on, I understand, I cannot have it in my Phone and offline, it's ok, why don't you keep providing us with the best music platform ever made before I switch to another service?

Well sh*t, because this 'new' old version is RUBBISH.


I can't see my list of next up songs even if I just hit the random button there is no new list like the app or the 'old' new version.


Not to mention most of the options we had are now either gone or just impossible to find.

Agree with everything said here. It seems impossible to find single tracks per artist? The whole UI looks nice from a web design POV but it unusable and lacking functionality.


Revert back to the player we all enjoyed using.

I hate the new version... sometime it seems to load the old version when I open it in Chrome and if it does I just leave the window open for the next foreseeable future. However when push comes to shove... IE still loads the old UI. 



Where is the darn radio tab! They completly ruined their webplayer. I hope they realize this soon before we all leave this service. Its not worth anything now, half the time the songs dont play when i click them either, utter **bleep**!

The change of web player design has made the service literally unuseable for me. Not in an "I don't like the design" sense, but that the play button no longer works. I've tried multiple browsers and no buttons on the player work. I can't resume a song, skip, pick a different track, anything. It's just completely useless. Guess it's time to go to Youtube music instead. 

The new version is AWFUL. The way the songs of an artist is shown is complicated for no reason. The main reason I joined spotify was that I had easy access to every song of an artist without having to search for it... You ruined it

So they have not discontinued the old player on IE... I guess it's back to Youtube for streaming... 

The Dream is dead everyone. Spotify officialy killed off the support for ie10 for the old player we officialy have been forced to their new terrible layout. Shame on you spotify for breaking the one thing that kept me happy at work, This new platform doesnt work on my work computer right so now guess what? NO SPOTIFY AT ALLL!!!!!! Yay.


Thanks again to all the hard working devs who worked so hard to bend us over and screw us out of the most flawless music platform i have seen to date. 


Why did you break what didnt need to be fixed?


I am extremely disapointed...

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