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Login with email instead of username

Login with email instead of username

Hey I need to login using my email instead of the generated username when I register using email. In the login screen of the desktop apps, the input says: Username or Email, but when I fill my email it always failed to login. What is that mean? I can only login with my ugly generated username, not email !


Nobody remember such username which contains long alphanumeric characters like that. So please enable login with email or at least create a feature for changing my username. Why are you so hard to make it easy for your customer to login?


Thank you.

5 Replies

Hey @eatonmunoz


Generated username sounds like you made your user through Facebook. With Facebook you'll get an username that consists of numbers. Probably letters too, I guess.

When you make your user on Spotify (without using your social platform), your login will be username of your choice and your password.

You can't really change your login information (username), for that you should create a new account.





Yes you are right, I created my account using facebook. But how if I disconnect my facebook from spotify? I can't login to spotify apps anymore, I need to be able to login with email used in my facebook. In fact, I can login to spotify account page using my facebook email although I have disconnected it. So they have my facebook email in their database. Then why do they make it difficult to login using email in their apps? And why do they put text Username or email in the login screen input of the apps if we can only login using username? They should change that text to just Username!

I don't mind the ugly generated username as long as I can login using my email. Or if they insist to make it only username to be used for login, please make an option to change the username. And change text Username or email in the login input to Username to make it clear to the users.



If you created your account with Facebook, you don't actually have to type any username/password, you can simply click on "Login with Facebook" button and it will log you in automatically. If you haven't logged in on Facebook, it will ask for your FB credentials.

(just in case - if you use your Facebook login, you'll be automatically logged in on Facebook too. Logging out on Spotify doesn't log you out of FB. It's a pretty important note if you're using computers that aren't yours....)

Have you ever login with facebook and then disconnect it from the setting of spotify app, and then logout? I have tried it, and spotify doesn't want to log me in using facebook unless I connect it again from my account page.


The point is, spotify just don't want to make their users able to login using email for them who are registered using facebook. And they don't want to make a feature to change the username for them. I am just questioning why they make such rules, instead of asking about the functionality of the app. 

I don't have Facebook and typed in a username but still got a automatically generated one 😞

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