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Samsung Galaxy Watch - Login Problems

Samsung Galaxy Watch - Login Problems





 United Kingdom


Samsung Galaxy Watch

Operating System



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 Hi, got the new Samsung Galaxy Watch today but I can't get logged in to Spotify Premium so I can stream music via wifi without my phone/listen to music offline - which was one of the main reasons I got the watch for use in the gym. I've tried uninstalling the app from the watch and reinstalling again but I still keep getting error messages saying my login details are incorrect (they aren't). Help please!

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If I choose from the options in the app "Stream on Wifi", it does not work. I'll be asked to log in to Spotify on the watch and then get the following message: 'Get Premium, To unlock all of spotify upgrade to premium on your phone' The watch is connected to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi is set to "always"! I have also removed the apps on my phone and watch, re-installed and tried to connect in stand-alone mode ie. when not connected to my phone and still get the same message. I contacted SpotifyCares who recommended I try all the above to resolve and in the end advised I contact Samsung?? Do I just upgrade?!

Hi! Did you turn off bluetooth? That helped with the spinning issue for me...

I believe you have to upgrade to Spotify Premium in order for it to work on the watch (totally worth it!)

I did! Didnt help!

I don't think the app is compatible

I don't know if this helps anyone, but when you disconnect from bluetooth to your phone, but you are still on wifi, you may need to kill the "remote" connection in settings for the watch. Otherwise the connection to the phone isn't severed. I think it goes thru wifi.

Click that offline mode in Spotify settings on the watch. So nice to run
with the watch and my jabra elite active 65t's. I just feel free to run!

So I was playing with my Galaxy Gear Sport (which the spotify app no longer works with) and found out that you no longer need the spotify app. Te built in music app recognizes and will allow you to not only control Spotify but the volume it plays at. Although you cant change playlists and such with it you can change songs and volume so it's a nice unexpected temp workaround. (Sorry if people already know this but I was unaware and thought it would be nice to share.)

Do you have a link for the app?

I am still unable to log in, and can't seem to find a means to Contact Spotify directly to ask

Contact by email and threaten them if you can not log in there is no point
in premium. Logging in can be tricky and frustrating but keep trying. Wish
you luck!

I had the same issue when I've got my Galaxy Watch.  I couldn't log in to Spotify for the life of me.

Here is the sollution -

1.  Log in to your Spotify account on your computer.

2.  Go to your Account

3.  From the options list on the left choose "Set Device Password"

4.  It will take you to a page with a REALLY long user name and a link to click to request a password.

5.  Click on that link and go to your email

6.  Click the URL link in your email from Spotify and set your password.

7.  Go to the Spotify App on your phone, choose how you want to stream your music and login to Spotify (NOT FACEBOOK) with this LOOOOOONG user name and your new password.

IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another option for people.  Nice job!



Excellent advice, thanks. worked for me at least.

One extra tip/ warning. If you use the memory clean up function in the Wear app it will delete all your installed music on the Spotify app. Worse yet it will also "forget" you, so youll have to relog in by going through the whole log-off your phone, log into a separate wi-fi network, tap in password routine. Yep. As others have commented this Tizen imploementation is cack. 


One other tip while I'm here. To make things a tad easier you can enable the home key as a short cut to Spotify (or any other pp) in the Gear App. Two presses of "home" will then take you straight to Spotify.


I wonder if Samsung are making this deliberately hard to encourage use of the native music app? Come on you Swedes...sharpen up.



Same here 😞 I bought a Samsung Galaxy Watch yesterday in Switzerland. Installed spotify on it. Logged in with Spotify device username and password and it takes forever to load. I just see a loading circle icon on my watch. I feel really sad that I can't use spotify on my watch (one of the main reasons to buy the watch was to listen to my spotify playlists 😞 ).Please help.

Restart the watch. Imo

No luck 😞 Restarted it several times. is the only solution that's worked for me.


Which is to turn off bluetooth on the gear, connect to wifi, and then sign in.


Not promising this works for you since it's probably a cluster**bleep** of shitty API from gear and shitty dev on spotify who can't even expense a gear to test this with but hope it works for you.

None of the above suggestions worked for me, help please!

Hey there @badcloud,

Welcome to the Community!


Could you tell us what model Samsung Galaxy Watch you're using? Also, tell us a bit more detail about your issue at hand.


You can check out this article for a list of supported devices.


Looking forward to your reply.

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