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Spotify immediately crashes

Spotify immediately crashes


My Spotify is working fine when I am on my 4g. However as soon as I turn on my wifi my Spotify app, on my iPhone 6, immediately crashes. Can you help with this?
I have the most descent iOS and the updated app.
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Hey there @owen3012!


We hope you're well.

This sounds like something we're looking into here.

Just to check, are you rocking the latest version of Spotify/iOS on your device, and are your network settings up-to-date?

If you are just starting to have these issues please can you follow the steps below, and let us know if this helps:


  1. Reinstall Spotify
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reset network settings

If this doesn't do the trick, just head over to the main thread, and let us know:

1. Your exact device/operating system.
2. The exact version of Spotify you're using 🙂

We can then keep getting things looked into, don't worry.






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