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error/failed to load

error/failed to load

Hi all, please advise on the issue.

Can't access my discover tab this week, see the message "Error. Failed to load"

Tried to log out and in again, cleaned cookies, restarted browser - nothing helps.

The "Discover" doesn't load nor from web neither from phone app.


Does anyone encountered such issue? What helped you?

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log out logged back in and even re installed..nothing worked

Same for me.  Support said make a new account, I call BS

Same for me too ๐Ÿ˜ž Tried everything but no luck

Same thing for me. Not working on on laptop or phone.

Same here. Won't work on Mac desktop or my iPhone despite repeatedly signing out and back in, and (clean) uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Also, my notifications tab hasn't shown up in months. Coincidentally this all started happening once I became a premium member...

they really are trying to push me to apple music.

I'm having this issue on OSX.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 19.23.40.png

I have the same Problem but didnt find any solution or help from spotify..

Hi. Can I suggest you post in this thread.

I have had the same issue for over a week now. Discover tab will not load.

Screenshot from MacBook Pro OS X El Capitan (v.10.11.3)

I am receiving the same error trying to view the discover tab on my One Plus X Android Phone.

Discover - Error, Failed to load.Discover - Error, Failed to load.

Hm for some reason completely restarting my phone seemed to work and now discover is working on my desktop as well. Hope this helps.

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