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New premium plans prices.

New premium plans prices.

I have been in the struggle just like many Premium users have, the struggle of a very expensive modern music streaming.  If you download it,  its illegal, but if you decide to take the legal route just stream, its super expensive for music that it's realistically not yours. Back in my days, i would pay up to $12.00 for a CD that was yours and you could listen to it until the day you die. Never forget my black album from Metallica in cassette. It was awesome. But these times are over. Modernism has involved us in a new system of listening to music.  For years I've payed $9.99 in the US to stream ad free music to  playtlists that have taken me years to develop,  If feel like some of these music libraries are like deep caverns where you feel like you'd never see the end. And thats what we all love. At least I do. But the sad part is that one day that could all be gone, in blink of an eye. just like the money you have religiously payed, could all vanish.  I  want to rise awareness to all of us in the struggle. Maybe we need the money for medications or for gas or food. Whatever the case may be it's hard earned money.   I want to make a difference in  the industry and  Persue Spotify to  lower the premium plans just a few $$ so we can get more premium users on board. I've talked to many people, they have  told me that if Spotify or iTunes was anywhere from 5 to 7 $ a month the would enroll. I believe just a little brake on the premium plans would bring so much more renevue to this streaming services and we all could be happier with a better deal for the new generation of streaming that we all love.  Let's be honest we love the libraries of music these serves have but I know just like myself are many that have many bills to pay, diferent expenses and cant effort a monthly premium service. Myself have been so close to cancel premium just because that 9.99 could help me for gas or food.  I strongly believe that if many of us follow this new idea we could bring more users in so our prices could drop, specially now that the best video streaming service just raised it's prices. Its a good time to watch less movies and listen to more great music. Or many are more far to enroll to premium accounts since this happened. SMH. Lets do what Steve Jobs did one day. Revolucionace the industry.  Bring cheaper songs to more millions of faithful users. That vision is the one I have today to see many new premium users on  a great service such as is Spotify. These idea could potentially help us bring these streaming prices a bit lower. I'm sure there's many like me. Thriving  to see some kind of deal  come up  so we can take it and save some money. Who are with me on this idea? It take more than one person to make a real change. LETS GO IT.

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Hey @DrLiberaci, and welcome to the community. 

Hope you’re doing great!


I’m very sorry to hear this, and I totally understand your concern. I’m not sure when Spotify will/if they prices, but I’ll definitely pass your feedback onto the right teams at Spotify. 


You can also create a new Idea on this, and Spotify will definitely take a look at this. You can start a new submission here.


In the meantime, if you ever need help with anything - just let me know! 

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