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Revolut payment


Revolut payment

Hi there,


I am trying to use my Revolut card to make a purchase but it seems it doesn't work.


The message I get says I need to change my country location, which is Romania.


Any ideas?

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Then watch Paypap being even more of a crook than Spotify: they will
convert the euro price to sterling, charge the card and convert back to
euro. Some weird double conversion! They did it with my Netflix
subscription and you end up paying more than you should!

Are you working for paypal? Forget paypal, you loose to much money and the customer support from paypal is the worst. not a option at all, it just multiplies your problems. If you are happy, enjoy it.

I tried to pay with PayPal (PL) and Revolut card but no success. Cannot choose Revolut card when paying with PayPal. Gift card is the only option that works for me.

Same issue here. Extremely lame that I cannot use Revolut with Spotify. Doesn't make any sense. Even Netflix allows to have different country of the account and the card.

Hey there, 


Well i'm sorry but this answer is really not acceptable. 

Not only is this factual misinformation regarding payment contract (and you should be very aware of this kind if defficiency in the new European reglementation). 

But this "override" does not apply to family accounts. 


Not only should I be able to declare my ACTUAL country of residence but my family shouldn't have to be prevented from using my family account now that I live in... UK (by the way the Eiffel tower looks great through my window, weird right?)


Though card has been issued by a UK bank, the european banking licencing it got approved for should not prevent any EU citizen from using such card as a mean of payment. To the least allow Google Pay or Apple Pay for what its worth. 

Careful on the legal aspects to this matter, as it applies also for N26 (German issuing), or any major digital bank nowadays. 

I am a HUGE advocat of Spotify and love the service, but this is honestly embarrasing. I just set up my Revolut card on Netflix no problem whatsoever. 

It's 2019 and Revolut's model is the future of banking. Get with the program Spotify, you used to lead the way...

Make revolut payment possible please!

I've been  paying for Spotify for years, now this revolut **bleep**ery will cost you a client.


FIX**bleep**! In 2019 I should be able to pay with whatver I want. 

Sorry, you live behind the moon. Accept the card! The reasoning is not an answer but an pretext.

I`ve been with Spotify 3  years...I`d like to change my method of payments for Revolut - but card is rejected. Revolut is the future of payments...if Spotify can`t understand that....sorry but there are other streaming services. And now...bye-bye Spotify....Welcome Tidal 🙂

HBOGO  has the same retarted system.

Adding my comment to this topic to bring it up again! It's still a problem... 🙂

(Even though I can "save" around 0.50 per month by paying in GBP instead of CHF by Revolut...)

July 2019 and it's still an issue.

Can you please change your payment process to listen to card owner instead of bank location already? 

Spotify is the only subscription I can't pay for using my Revolut card, just because I'm in Germany and my card was issued in Great Britain.

Solution: Change your "Location" in Spotify to Great Britain. With the Interbank Exchange it's even cheaper than if I would pay directly in CHF 🙂

So far, this worked for me - although it's not the greatest solution, I know...

Very frustrating not to be able to pay with Revolut VISA. I am in Romania and am using this card for all my subscriptions, i have spoken with a friend recently who has Revolut Mastercard and she can pay from Romania using that card, how is that possible?

Marked as solution

I made it work now by adding a virtual card (not the disposable kind obviously as you need it to work more than once) to my Revolut account and giving Spotify the number of the new virtual card. Virtual cards are just like another card connected to your Revolut bank account, you just don't get a physical card with it, so you're paying for Spotify with your Revolut account, you're just using a different card number. 


Up until recently Revolut credit card numbers where coded to have been issued in the UK (where Revolut's headquarted), now they changed it in way that newly created card numbers are recognised as issued in the account owner's country. 


Nice catch, I think it will resolve the issue.

SOLVED (atleast for myself)


So i looked through the threads. As i had the same issue. Revolut user, from Romania. 

Thing is, my Virtual card was a VISA, and had the same error like everyone else. I deleted the virtual card (i was lucky enough not to use it for any other payments), and created a new one. This new generated one, was a Mastercard. Now i set this account for payment, and had no issues with it. 


Hope this might help other users. Best of luck

Tried the latest suggested solution: created another Virtual Revolut card (no need to delete the older virtual one). The new one created for me was also a VISA however not MASTERCARD. Anyway keeping fingers crossed I tried changing the Spotify payment details to this new Virtual card (without going through Paypal of course) and keeping to my real country (Malta) - IT WORKED! Spotify accepted it with the previous BS excuse that my account was Malta but card UK.


So yeah as someone said above the new Virtual cards work, even if they are Visa. 🤔 could be cause I crossed my fingers while creating it I guess!🤪😅


My dear friend, as long as Spotify or any other global company for that mather can swap revenue through paid services from one country to another to avoid higher taxes, there is no solid reason that would hold to accept a payment method from a specific country (unless it's a country where you don't offer the service, e.g. North Korea)
This ties up to having the ability to use services/employees from a cheaper country (e.g. India ) but charging the end product as if your employees are all Swiss.
If you can do that, I should be able to make payments with cards or bank accounts from anywhere you offer the service and use it globaly... Am I wrong?

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