Revolut payment


Revolut payment

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Hi there,


I am trying to use my Revolut card to make a purchase but it seems it doesn't work.


The message I get says I need to change my country location, which is Romania.


Any ideas?


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I made it work now by adding a virtual card (not the disposable kind obviously as you need it to work more than once) to my Revolut account and giving Spotify the number of the new virtual card. Virtual cards are just like another card connected to your Revolut bank account, you just don't get a physical card with it, so you're paying for Spotify with your Revolut account, you're just using a different card number. 


Up until recently Revolut credit card numbers where coded to have been issued in the UK (where Revolut's headquarted), now they changed it in way that newly created card numbers are recognised as issued in the account owner's country. 


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Its been two years i can assume it's not going to get fixed lol.

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Yeah, gave up on spotify a long time ago... Long live TIDAL!!!


OFC not this is spotify we're talking about.


This is so **bleep**ing **bleep**ed up tbh,

You dont take my swedish mastercard and you dont take my revolut card.


What exactly am i supposed to do???

Spotify is a swedish company yet you **bleep** on us,

You absolutely **bleep** on us.

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Hey @jasomfufi,


If you're in Slovakia, you'll have to use a slovakian payment method, there's no way around it.


Sorry about that.

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My dear friend, as long as Spotify or any other global company for that mather can swap revenue through paid services from one country to another to avoid higher taxes, there is no solid reason that would hold to accept a payment method from a specific country (unless it's a country where you don't offer the service, e.g. North Korea)
This ties up to having the ability to use services/employees from a cheaper country (e.g. India ) but charging the end product as if your employees are all Swiss.
If you can do that, I should be able to make payments with cards or bank accounts from anywhere you offer the service and use it globaly... Am I wrong?

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Spotify please fix your country detection of Revolut Limited. It is registered in Lithuania, BANK CODE 39200, BIC REVOGB21XXX instead of United Kingdom. Now I can't pay in euros but I have an euro account with Revolut. Here is a link to the Lithuanian Bank info:


Same issue here in Portugal.


Would like to pay with my Revolut Card but can't without changing the address to UK.


Come on! It's 2017... the age of fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency!

Find another way to make proof of residency! Use some 3rd party KYC/AML validation service.


Hi I had the same issue, but what you can do is creating an PayPal account and use your revolut card. You have to pay (in my case) 1 CHF. extra which is totally fine for me.

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Doesn't work anymore, paypal is blocking revolut as well, like many banks ...


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You don't have to pay extra just when choosing to pay in paypal tick the box that you want your card issuer to convert the currency. If paypal converts he currency you have to pay extra. it is a tricky box to find in paypal.