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Revolut payment


Revolut payment

Hi there,


I am trying to use my Revolut card to make a purchase but it seems it doesn't work.


The message I get says I need to change my country location, which is Romania.


Any ideas?

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Seems like this is still not fixed 

OFC not this is spotify we're talking about.

Yeah, gave up on spotify a long time ago... Long live TIDAL!!!

plus one here.


I am based in Switzerland.


I could pay Spotify through Revolut for quite a long time, but about a month ago I started getting emails from Spotify saying that my payment did not go through. The problem is that they just stopped trying, since the BIN code on my card (4350 4496) says that the issuing country is UK. Can be checked here:


What a joke. No spotify for me until they fix this. I hope they lose lots of customers through this.

Also from Switzerland and Revolut doesn't work with Spotify since June even though it did for months. I was about to upgrade to the Couple account but I guess it will wait until this is fixed and Spotify has just about a week for that since we are going on a family vacation and I'm not driving 6h without music. 

Its been two years i can assume it's not going to get fixed lol.

Hey all,


Thanks for coming to the Community! We're happy to shed some light on the situation.


With Revolut you can usually choose the issued country of your card and if it doesn't match the country your account is registered in the payment cannot be processed.


We've noticed that sometimes the issued country gets changed by Revolut (even if it was originally set correctly), so it's best to get in touch with them to confirm the issued country of your card.


Hope this helps. Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Xenia,


Thanks for the suggestion.


Ultimately, I think it is Spotify who has to fix this. Customers who want to give you their money should be able to decide how they want to give it to you. As long as it is not something exotic or cash... it is still credit/debit cards we are talking about.


The fact that that I pay all my subscriptions and bills with Revolut and Spotify seams to be the only service having an issue with that supports that opinion by the way.


Please, dear Spotify, take our money!

No it does not help, at all. It is up to Spotify to fix this and the only reason you don't is to play around with the pricing from country to country.


That is pure bull.

Revolute does _not_ give me the choice of where the card is issued.

I get a card issued in the UK. Not from CH.

This is ridiculous. I am not even sure why I waste my time to even argue about it.

Dear Revolut,

I agree this is a Spotify issue not a Revolut user issue.

I have been using a french Spotify Premium account for 7 years living in Switzerland. It has never been an issue. Now that I want to move to a Family account I have to switch to a Swiss account (more expensive but you do not accept Revolut card. So what are my options?

As said before, Please, dear Spotify, take our money!

Hey folks!


Thanks for your feedback on this.


Spotify requires a payment method issued in the same country that is registered on your country so that we can securely verify your location. You can check all our requirements here.


This is mostly needed for licensing reasons. Availability of music can vary over time and between countries, depending on the permissions from rights holders.


You should be able to set the country on your Revolut card to match the country you're currently in. It's a good idea to reach out to them if you have trouble with that.


You could also follow the steps here to see what payment methods are available in your country now.


Hope this shines some light on the situation.


Take care!

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Hi Elena,


we get that. And we ask you to fix that.


There are other ways to verify a location. Credit card (or banking) information, as with phone numbers does not work in 2020 anymore as people have multiple reasons to have accounts, credit cards, phone numbers from countries they are not residing in.


PayPal recently managed to not require a phone number with a country code from the country the account is attached to for exactly that reason. I have faith in you, Spotify to manage that as well with the payment information.




Thanks for getting back to us @etagenyeti


We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback and we'll be sure to forward it to the right team here. We recommend suggesting it on our Ideas board so that it could get support from other users as well. Take a look at this page to see how to post an Idea.


If you're interested in how ideas work and how your feedback reaches the right teams here, check this page out. As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented


Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you. We'd be happy to help.

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I have the same issue in France, and seeing this thread from 2018, I don't suspect anyone is really looking for a solution... Or they're using their terms as an excuse to not resolve an obvious problem.

It's a shame and there's no reason (for the potential risk of 15.99 ...) Spotify should be refusing Revolut. There are plenty of other ways to verify location, and you're doing it every time we launch the app. 

LOL, this is still a thing. Because of this issue I moved to YT.
I just want to point out one thing: since 2018 some things changed in
Europe. Namely, no company can refuse payment with an european card/IBAN
within the EU, by law. Maybe a formal complaint to the authorities from an
active user, might help(?)

This maybe your company policy but it's not the truth.


Payment method in the same country why? many people move countries and are unable to open bank accounts in that country banking regulations are very strict and most times require citizens only or do not allow foreign people at all.


Licensing has nothing to do with payment method and a clear example is Netflix (you control licensing to region nothing to do with banks registered location)


You clearly have no knowledge how Revolut works you can't switch countries.


I will explain it to you it's simple a person signs up to Revolut and provides ID which is verified you can on the app create virtual cards (no option to select any region or country)


You can create different currency accounts within but these are sub accounts and Spotify still rejects.


Tell the truth Steam uses a model which is the same it's about control restricting who can sign up so you make more money.

In 2023 this does not work.


Doesn't work for me, still the issue with the country puping up...

2024, I am currently studying outside my country, and my credit card is in Revolut. I can't listen to Spotify. I am very disappointed that not one solution is out here to help.

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