Revolut payment


Revolut payment

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Hi there,


I am trying to use my Revolut card to make a purchase but it seems it doesn't work.


The message I get says I need to change my country location, which is Romania.


Any ideas?


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I made it work now by adding a virtual card (not the disposable kind obviously as you need it to work more than once) to my Revolut account and giving Spotify the number of the new virtual card. Virtual cards are just like another card connected to your Revolut bank account, you just don't get a physical card with it, so you're paying for Spotify with your Revolut account, you're just using a different card number. 


Up until recently Revolut credit card numbers where coded to have been issued in the UK (where Revolut's headquarted), now they changed it in way that newly created card numbers are recognised as issued in the account owner's country. 


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That's too much hassle when there are so many good alternatives. It's easier to use a different service and Spotify is not worth the effort of searching and buying some prepaid card.

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Hey folks!

Us again, we've moved this to the help board after speaking to the right team. 


When subscribing to Spotify you have to use a method of payment from the same country. At this time, Revolut cards are registered in the UK. This means you'll only be able to use the cards if you live in the UK.


If anything changes we'll let you know.






Sorry, you live behind the moon. Accept the card! The reasoning is not an answer but an pretext.


I`ve been with Spotify 3  years...I`d like to change my method of payments for Revolut - but card is rejected. Revolut is the future of payments...if Spotify can`t understand that....sorry but there are other streaming services. And now...bye-bye Spotify....Welcome Tidal 🙂


Make revolut payment possible please!


I've been  paying for Spotify for years, now this revolut **bleep**ery will cost you a client.


FIX**bleep**! In 2019 I should be able to pay with whatver I want. 

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I am a HUGE advocat of Spotify and love the service, but this is honestly embarrasing. I just set up my Revolut card on Netflix no problem whatsoever. 

It's 2019 and Revolut's model is the future of banking. Get with the program Spotify, you used to lead the way...


Hey there, 


Well i'm sorry but this answer is really not acceptable. 

Not only is this factual misinformation regarding payment contract (and you should be very aware of this kind if defficiency in the new European reglementation). 

But this "override" does not apply to family accounts. 


Not only should I be able to declare my ACTUAL country of residence but my family shouldn't have to be prevented from using my family account now that I live in... UK (by the way the Eiffel tower looks great through my window, weird right?)


Though card has been issued by a UK bank, the european banking licencing it got approved for should not prevent any EU citizen from using such card as a mean of payment. To the least allow Google Pay or Apple Pay for what its worth. 

Careful on the legal aspects to this matter, as it applies also for N26 (German issuing), or any major digital bank nowadays. 

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HEY SPOTIFY! Stop this BS! You are a company based in a EU country, that means the same rules apply to you as the rest of us! Here, read this:


I think you need to revise your bs market practices...

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As annoying as this is streaming music specifically called out as an exception to that for now;


Services linked to copyright-protected content or works in an intangible form - such as music streaming services and e-books - will be excluded from the scope of the regulation. But this will be subject to a review by the European Commission."

Also has exceptions for pricing in different territories...

The objection I have is that you can't accurately use a bank card to determine a location and bank cards issued in different EU jurisdictions are becoming more common, N26, Revolut et al.


Respectfully but this is total RUBBISH! It is 2019 and you clearly state on the website that we have full control over our payments to Spotify - evidently we DO NOT!  

To add insult to injury, should one try to change their home country to UK just to be able to use a Revolut card, the prices FROM €6.99 BECOMES £9.99!!!  Wonder what frikking exchange rate you use for that!!!  According to today's rates £9.99 is equal to €11.08 which is a far cry from €6.99!!!
Is this the reason why you are trying to force us to switch to UK to use Revolut so you can shoot up our price in sterling?!?! Total rip-off and shame on you Spotify!!!  To **bleep** with your so-called Premium ripping off antics then!


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Spotify have diffrent prices for diffrent countries. It is not exchange rate, Spotify just want more money from people who have Greate Birtain's IP address. 


Besides the fact that this is totally not fair and I doubt how much it is in line with EU directives (UK is still in EU for now); then the suspicion that they force the credit card country to be the account country for lucrative reasons makes even more sense: they force you to select UK when you have a UK based card like Revolut just to be able the charge you MUCH MORE! 


I just CANCELLED premium as I cannot stand companies that try rip you off in such arrogant and devious ways!



So I guess that since Spotify doesn't want our money, we won't give it to it... Solved

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Your (Spotify's) approach is seriously flawed! When receiving payment for a service why are you not more interessted in which person is paying the bill instead of which friggin' bank is handling the credit card?!

Seriously, you're the only service I know of that this doesn't work and you can't even grasp it or actually prefer to ignore the fact! This makes me consider another music streaming service...


And waht's the sense of the subject status change anyway, you're not asking for more info, but rather telling you don't care!


Hello guys,


cmon, it's not that complex. Please allow us to pay with this wonderfoul card! That's the only service which is still on my old bank card.


Help us moving into 2018!


HBOGO  has the same retarted system.

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User in Ireland in the same boat, using payment issuer to verify location is fundamentally flawed and easy enough to fake. You’re forcing people to fake their location, not prove it.


You have to change country to Great Britain as Revoult is registered there. Not sure but then you will pay in Pounds what is not good. For Poland 20PLN vs 10£ (~47PLN). It's better to pay in your local currency.

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Same issue here, also from Romania.

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Same here. Bulgaria and Revolut card. It is an online bank from UK but my billing address on the card is in Bulgaria. There is something wrong. I would never give a traditional bank card online again, as options to protect oneself from leaked cards are limited and reissuing card takes weeks sometimes. It is a blocker for using the service.