Spotify Connect - Multiple Speakers/Devices


Spotify Connect - Multiple Speakers/Devices


So, I got the Premium for Family, and we all like it, til we all want to actually listen to it. My husband while he is working, myself while Im driving, and my daughter while she does homework. Getting premium for family had me thinking we could all listen to music, make our own playlists, do our own thing. Buuuut we can't.  I debo my daughter all the time. Whats the point of family if we cant really use it? I thought we could all listen simultaneously...?

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Hi @BeeLar20! Seems like you've run into a common issue many others face. By the sounds of it, you are all attempting to share the same account, as opposed to using your own, individual accounts.


What you will all want to do first is create your own unique accounts. From there the whomever is managing the plan (whomever will be keeping the account you all currently use) will then want to invite everyone else to the plan so that they can also start enjoying the benefits of the family plan as well. You can read up more about this by checking out this Q&A thread, as well as the Family Plan FAQ, here.


Hope this cleared things up.  Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns, or run into any other issues the plan. Cheers!