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Why even if I have Spotify duo, I still have issues by playing music ONLINE on 2 devices AT THE SAME TIME.

If that's not possible, that plan it's a scam, and you need to CLARIFY how this plan works. Since it clearly SAYS ''for two persons living together'', either we're on the same room or city, we MUST be able to listen music ONLINE at the same time on two different devices, otherwise I would just pay premium (cheaper) and share my password and tell other people to go offline when I'm listening.





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You're absolutely right that with the Duo plan, two users should be able to listen to different music on their devices without interruptions.


For this to work well, you'll need to make sure that the other person is successfully linked to the plan and that they are logged in on their own individual account when they're playing music.


We recommend logging out and in again just to be sure that everything's order.


Keep us posted on how it goes. We're always here if have any other questions.

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Casual Listener

What if the device is as smart speaker? Can it  be connected on both accounts at the same time so that either of us can use it (even when the other is already using another device) as long as we are not on three devices at the same time?


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Generally speaking, most smart speakers have an control app. You can log in to a Spotify account in the app in order to connect it to the speaker. As with an other device however, two accounts can't be logged in at the same time. You'll need to log out of one account and in to the other to make the switch.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have any questions. 

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Casual Listener

Thanks Mihail, that's sort of helpful.


But you can imagine the killjoy of saying, "Hey, Google, play Here Comes the Sun!" and then realizing you need to first manually open Google home and change the primary user on your speaker. What and then change it back after the song? That's a UX failure IMO.  That must be a common scenario since Due users live in the same space and, you know, listen to music.


Can I make a feature request that Duo supports max 2 devices (even if doubling up on one user)?


That would be a simple solution, but there are others if that's somehow too open to user abuse. Perhaps your technology could distinguish between personal devices (phones) and often shared devices (smart speakers) and make a special allowance for the latter? Or, here's another possibility, my Google nest display supports a primary account and other linked accounts. When my wife speaks, it recognizes her voice and shows her her calendar, even though she's the linked account rather than primary. But, when she talks to the speaker and asks for a Spotify song, it always assumes the primary account and so connects her my Spotify account. Maybe Google gives access to the linked accounts, and you could support that kind of verification.


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Apologies for the delayed response, we just came across this thread.

Thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. Keep in mind you can always create an idea on the relevant idea board since we take new ideas and feedback into consideration to improve the app. Here you can read more on how ideas work.


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