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Spotify robbed me!

Spotify robbed me!

So here is my story. I had spotify subscripition through my credit card, the normal 9.99€ a month. At some point i changed my phone operator and got a  spotify subscription through them, and in this point i thought that because i had same spotify account the payments just would chance automaticly to my operator. After 6 months i realised that the my subscription is still charged throuh my credit card and also by my phone operator. I contacted spotifys customer sercive and they replyed that i have to contact my phone operator and send them the bills i had payed. I did that and after that the customer service said i have to contact company named Boku because apparently they handle the cash flow from customers to spotify. After several emails they couldn´t find where all my money had gone, and we lived in year 2017 on that time (pretty advanced technology allready appeared) And spotifys customer service just kept blaiming me that it was my fault for paying them double and said that im using two accounts althouhgt i´ve had only one account from the beginning of spotify. Now after almost a year of frustration and maybe 50 emails they still won´t give my money back or even compensate the 59,94€ they took, or as i see stole from me. Is it just that you don´t care even a little bit of you customers or are you really in so thight financial crisis that you can´t conpensate the 6 months that i´ve allready paid? It is big money for me but i really think it is just peanuts for you. What do i have to do crawl on my knees and beg for my money back? I would have been even happy for 6 months of premium spotify that i have allready paid (or got stolen) but even that is just too big favour from you. I bet if it would have been any other big company they would have said they are sorry for the misundestanding and gave the service that i´ve allready paid.


sorry if there is some missspelling, english is not my native language. But i think you get the point.

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I'd try with

Usually companies' twitter support is better than phone / mail 🙂


Hey @reggaeman2,


I am sorry to hear you have been charged several times - that is not cool.


I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form.



So spotify has several different customer services/supports, i´ve been cantacting them with email through and i think the real name should be "spotify don´t care" because this problem is already almost a year old and still nothing has happened. This is why i wrote his puplic note because it is just ridiculous how bad the service has been. Ok i admit that is was my fault to not tell spotify that i started paying them through my phone operator. But i sincerely thought (because of the all the advanced technology that allready existed in 2017) that spotify would notised that ok this dude is now paying his premium account through his phone operator so we better not charge his credit card also. But i was wrong, technology either was not so devellopped back then or they just wanted some extra cash and thought i wouldn´t noticed the double charge. And this


Hey @reggaeman2,


I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with Spotify's support.


If you use the link I provided in my previous post you are able to connect to a live chat with Spotify, hopefully, they can get your issue resolved there and then!


Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.



Like i wrote earlier, i´ve been chatting with spotifys customer service via email for almost a year now. How does the livechat help me, i don´t have months of time to hang out in live chat. Spotifys customer service has all my bills and all my information already there is nothing new information that i can give. I became desperate thats why i made this pupclic post because i was so amazed hoe company this big could totally ignore me and the fact that they can´t refung the 6 months of premium that i have already paid and that is just without any compensation of my frustration which by the way is a lot.

But i like to listen music and pay for it so i think my best option for the future is Apple music, atleast from Apple i had really good customer service for my computer.


Hey @reggaeman2,


I fully understand your situation, myself would be upset too.


I understand you have spent many months via email, however, Live Chat you would know the person is going to reply.


I am sorry for the experience you have had and I hope it gets resolved.



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