App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone


App doesn't recognize my Premium account on my iPhone


Since the last update my Spotify App on my iPhone doesn't recognize my Premium account anymore. On my Mac it still says I have a Premium account.


I can log in on the app, search music, but when I press a song, I get a new screen that says it's Premium material and that you need a Premium account to listen to this song. 


I monthly pay 9,99, but it just doesn't work!!


Please give me a solution soon or I will stop using Premium!


Gr. Michiel

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Hi Jared


Please log out of your Spotify Account and then out of your Facebook account on your Iphone.

Log in Into your Facebook Accoutn again  and then into your spotify account. Then u must get a message from FB on your Screen that Facebook is starting Spotify , if u didn´t get this message , change your Facebook  password and do the same procedure this works for me , 100 % :smileywink:


If it works , pls Kudo 🙂

Same here! So frustrating!

Nanjiroh, I don't have a Facebook tied to spotty so there would be no way to log out as you've recommended. Appreciate the tip though.


Ok , didnt know that , my fault.


Still having the same problems i have logged in and out of my facebook with my mac and iphone and it still doenst recognize it as me having premium


i am also having a problem. i purchased spotify premium, but i cant sync more than one song for offline use and it still says on my iphone 4 that i am using a free trial of premium. 


jaredmejeur, julie22macy, gianstone, dashc61, BubbleMilkTea – We've got email responses to your cases on the way now. 


Please have a look in your personal inboxes. If you could get back to us when you're receiving your Premium it would be a great help. 

If you think you're also experiencing this issue, please get in touch via the contact form. We can give you a hand much faster via email as we need to go over a few security details--thanks everyone. 



Here's one for ya. Since around the time they updated the Spotify mobile app, I have basically had none of the perks of my premium account which I was enjoying up until the update. No songs will play on the mobile app and in addition, I am receiving advertisements on the desktop application. This is very frustrating to say the least. I have already tried changing my login information, reinstalling Spotify and disconnecting from my Facebook account. I was in a conversation with Spotify support via email but they have since stopped replying so I am looking to find out if anyone else has had a similar experience.


Have the exact same problem and troubleshot the same things. 😞 Going to drop me the day after I came back if this isn't resolved. Or explained. I think it maybe from having the same email or name info tied to two accounts on accident.


Hi zook024 & grind493 - I can see you've both opened cases via our contact form. 


One of our agents will be in touch shortly--thanks!


I'm haveing the same issue it does not recognize my premium account on Iphone or Ipad. i've logged in throug FB and with details and still not recognizing it 


This should be listed under admiralakabar.Desktop and mobile both showing free. I click upgrade or show account and it says I'm a premium user. I try to comment under community it jumps to the free grind493 account I don't use and accidently made. No one has been in contact back to my replies in 16 hours. 

XavierQuijada - Just sent you a message.

grind493 - My colleague has been in touch.
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Same issue, emailed support yesterday. Still waiting for a reply Ref # 520384


Hi brunchwear - I can see one of my colleagues has already sent a reply to your case. 


Keep an eye on your personal inbox (and SPAM filter) for that message. Thanks!


Same problem after updating information.  Any help would be appreciated!


I updated my credit card info on my account and now my spotify mobile app is not recognizing that I have a premium account.  HELP!!


cwdawson & fleetfeet9 - We'll just need to confirm a couple details here. You've both got email responses on the way to you now. 


If you think you're also experiencing this issue, please get in touch via the contact form. As we need to get some security details via email, filling out this form means we can help you even faster. 


Meredith, I have been on holiday for 2 weeks so havent retried until today, still cant log on


I have premium, but it stopped working. can you please help me asap!?

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