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CarPlay App is lacking

CarPlay App is lacking




United Kingdom


iPhone 11 Pro

Operating System

iOS 13


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I'm trying to move to Spotify from Apple Music and have noticed that the CarPlay app is considerably lacking in comparison and has a few weird issues too.


  • The text of the menu items is fuzzier and thinner than the OS with a strange blue aliased tinge.
  • There's no easy way to see just downloaded albums instead there's a tiny little unicode down arrow on the album row.
  • When streaming a track that's not downloaded, the "Now playing" track view sometimes has no cover, doesn't play and just says "Live steaming" as the track name.
  • The "Home" view in the Spotify app is often just blank.
  • The sound quality when streaming an undownloaded track is terrible even with the quality set to max in the iOS app.
  • Having shuffle as the first "track" in the track list when on an album is quite annoying and means an extra click is needed to just to play an album in order. A fix for this would be to have the "play and shuffle" button be above the starting position so an "up" direction selects that and a "down" direction selects the first track.

I can provide photos next time these bugs happen again.

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