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Chromecast & Spotify - Devices Not Showing - BUG - No Service!?

Chromecast & Spotify - Devices Not Showing - BUG - No Service!?





(iPhone 6, Windows 10 PC)


Operating System

(iOS 11.4, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

 10592 Post Views and Growing - still NO SERVICE.
I've also attempted contact with forum moderator with no reply. 

I have made a few posts on this Community Board with absolutely NO input/answer/acknowledgment/interest from anyone from Spotify despite having over 10,000 views and quite a few others expressing upset with a similar issue for over a month, so far.
Suffice to say, this is VERY disappointing, especially as I'd made effort to connect with the Facebook group for support and was given lip service. I've also made attempts to connect with Spotify directly over the phone and there's no option. There also seems to be no option available to report an issue/bug.
To top it off, I'm a Premium user who's paying for a monthly service. Disgruntled? Yes.


1) Device list truncated on iPhone. Cannot see all devices!
When attempting to cast from both iPhones (5s and 6) to Google Chromecast devices, the list is truncated and not all devices or groups are displayed.
Removing devices in Google Home (IOS) will allow other devices to display and be cast to.

Google Home (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.
I-Heart-Radio (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.
Google Play Music (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.

3 x Google Chromecast Audio devices (latest versions)
1 x Google Chromecast (TV) connected to my LAN.
1 x iPhone 6 (latest OS)
1 x iPhone 5s (latest OS)
1 x Windows Computer (Windows 10 with latest updates)
1 x Regular home LAN configuration

Apps on IOS devices:
Google Home (IOS) - Latest
Spotify (IOS) - Latest
I-Heart-Radio (IOS) - Latest
Google Play Music (IOS) - Latest

2) Windows 10 PC with Spotify installed.
Not all Chromecast devices show when attempting to cast to devices.

Chromecast Desktop Audio Streamer - All devices show and work.

11 Replies

So I may have interpreted your problem but it seems that your devices wont show up on chromecast. The only thing that comes to my mind is to make sure that you are on wifi and not data cause that's the only way they'll show up. hope this helps 🙂

All devices are on the same Wifi. Other apps show all the devices connected (as mentioned in my post). 
Not all the Chromecast devices are not showing up on Spotify 'Devices List'. 

This is not an isolated issue. Quite a number of others are experiencing the same issue and have expressed so in the forum. Unfortunately,  no one from the support team at Spotify has made any comments or suggestion to assist. There are have been over 10,500 views (so far) of posts that I alone have made... not to mention others and their experiences. 

"13, 461"

That's how many views (in total, so far)  MY (only) posts on this topic have had so far with.......
"0" response from anyone from Spotify in over a month.  What the?

Unfortunately, I've had to resort to sound like a complaint monger. But as a "Premium" paying user of the Spotify service, who has put a substantial amount of time and effort to finding channels to report a bug in the app, I'm left bewildered by the lack of response to the many efforts made. This has not been isolated to an issue that I am experiencing. There are a number of others that are experiencing the same problems. The figures mentioned above only relate to my posts and as I am able to see, they too have had no response from support staff indicating that the issue is being looked at or even acknowledged. Nothing, but silence. 


The problem still exists and not a word from the Staff at Spotify. Nothing! 

This is a bug that Spotify has been aware of for some time now, but have done absolutely nothing to address and fix over the past 2 years. 

20160330-Spotify Working With Google.png

Thank you for this.  The device list truncation problem is the biggest problem for me.  I cannot spend music to my most used Chrome audio device cause it doesn't show in the device list. All of the other devices show in the list. The device shows in the google music list all the time so its not an issue with that one device.


I can sometimes get the device to show by doing tricks like the solution at


Spotify is useless to me with this bug. It has been happening for 4 months now. 

Unfortunately, Spotify cares very little about this problem at all. I'd go as far to say that they really have shown a blatant disregard towards their paying customers for a long time on this matter. 

They are well aware of the issue, have ignored replying in public, have not offered any kind of acknowledgement, and have done no follow up when many many users have made efforts through various means to bring the problem to their attention. 
Expect nothing and you will not be disappointed - that's my advice, sorry to say. 


this bug is finally fixed and is one of the few times they listed an actual change in the changelog

Yes, you're right. 
Also note that there was only ONE remark that was made by a member of staff from Spotify. 

No acknowledgement, No apology for the delay or lack of service, nothing!

What the **bleep** is wrong with these people?


Hey @AussieRo.


Firstly, apologies for not getting in touch about this sooner. We're now here and happy to help 🙂

Could you let us know if this issue is resolved for you, as it has been @snooty?


If not, we'll be happy to help troubleshoot.

Keep us posted,



The issue of Chromecast devices not showing up on IOS apps seems to be solved... yes.  As much as I'd like to understand why it's taken literally MONTHS to have ANY kind of response to this issue is absolutely beyond me and others that have been screaming out for attention as Spotify users. 

To suggest that the issue was overlooked and not seen by any of the moderators or Spotify staff over the space of MONTHS would mean that your staff has had it's head in the sand...... which has not been the case because there have been a plethora of responses by staff to other issues.

A simple "Hey, thanks for letting us know. We'll get back to you soon with an update!" would have been just fine.... BUT... to not have a WORD at all is extremely dissatisfying from a customers perspective.... and especially a PAYING customer!

So please understand that your apology should not only be directed at me, but the numerous others that have been experiencing and reporting exactly the same issues with only being met with ongoing frustration.

I'm wondering how long it might take for your developers to now fix the same issue on your PC app!?

Any ideas? 

Hey @AussieRo.


Thanks for your feedback on this. We really didn't mean for this to take so long. It was right for you to chase us up on this, and we appreciate that you did.


We're glad that the issue was resolved in the meantime, even if we weren't able to lend a helping hand. 

Would you mind linking us to the original post about this issue so we can investigate further?

Take care for now,



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