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[Daily Mix] Why did 4 of my Daily Mixes disappeared?


[Daily Mix] Why did 4 of my Daily Mixes disappeared?


When I first saw the Daily Mix feature, I had 6 Mixes. Except for one, all of them were representative of different styles of music that I usually listen to, so I loved them all and planned to listen to them all. I was very happy with what the feature was showing me. 


But 3 or 4 days ago, I started seeing only 2 daily mixes. And they weren't even my top 2 most listened. Four of them just disappeared and never appeared again. 


Is this normal? Is there something I can do to restore my previous Daily Mixes? 



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Same here. I went from 4 to 2 a couple of weeks back. The 2 remaining ones ARE the ones I listen to the most, but it was nice to have the variety whenever I felt like it.


I read through Spotify's own recommendations, and for the last two weeks I have only been listening to music that falls outside of my two existing mixes. It's been tedious, but I wanted to see if a new mix was generated, but there's nothing new...


The daily mixes was an awesome feature for a while, and I even used it as a selling point when telling my friends why they should be using Spotify. That' s a point I can't make anymore though.

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Daily mix has just failed miserably imho. I listen to a really diverse range of genres, and when I had 4 mixes to choose from that wasn't enough. But now it's gone down to one. It's a pointless useless feature.

I just lost one of my favourite daily mixes... but why??? How can I have it back? it was the best way for me to discover new artists, while also listening to some of my favourite pieces...

How come this is labeled as "solved". Sure doesn't sound solved to me. It happened to me too, weirdly enough I listened mostly to the Arctic Monkeys the previous month, I had a playlist which featured them, however now they aren't present in any of the playlists.

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Yeah, resolved my **bleep**. 


This site is a joke. You have a problem, you want some help or support, but you end up tossed here, in a "Community". Hah! Community! 


If I wanted to chit-chat with people about music or Spotify, I have plenty of channels to do it. Here, I wanted to speak TO SPOTIFY. About A PROBLEM. Seeking AN ANSWER. Instead, I got patted on the back by Spotify, who basically acts like "well, talk to each other and see if you can figure out your solution among yourselves, because we sure as **bleep** don't care". 


You know what's funnier? I'm not even a Spotify user anymore. 


I created this thread a YEAR ago. This could have been resolved and I could have been left satisfied as a user with a simple response or acknowledgement. Instead, here's what happened: 


  • No official answer or solution.
  • I don't even care about the issue anymore.
  • The problem persists for other users, who find this thread and then leave seeing it's not asnwered. 
  • I stopped using Spotify almost entirely, migrating to Apple Music.
  • I still get reminded periodically about this issue, every time someone posts a new reply or Likes my original post.
  • I get progressively more disappointed with Spotify as a brand every time this happens, because I see that Spotify doesn't care about giving their users an answer or a solution. 

So yeah. 


Pretty bad.

So I actually LOVE the Daily Mix functionality. To the point where it's become one of my main gotos as far as what I listen to on Spotify. I had 5 mixes that perfectly outlined my listening habits.


Mix 1: Modern progressive/instrumental/djent metal (Plini, Intervals, Meshuggah, etc)

Mix 2: Classic prog and metal (i.e. Queensryche, Metallica, Slayer, etc)

Mix 3: Ambient/New Age (David Helpling, Matthew Stewart, Steve Roach, etc)
Mix 4: Grunge and Nu Metal (Alice In Chains, Seether, Korn, etc)
Mix 5: Everything else from Little River Band to Tears for Fears, to Winger

Problem. Mix 2 disappeared. I listen to ALL of these mixes and for whatever reason, this mix just got deleted. 

I've been listening to a TON of classic metal and prog to try to get it to come back, but no luck!


Thoughts?? HELP!!

Yep, my 3 mixes just went down to one.. and this one is a type of genre that I never listen to anymore! The ‘home’ tab of Spotify now is almost totally useless whereas previously it used to be my go to place.


Guess I will try Apple Music, always wanted a light theme, something else that Spotify hasn’t bothered to offer, oh well


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Yeah, I switched to Apple Music a while back. At first I missed my sizeable "My Songs" library (not in a million years I would manually add everything again), but just this week an app called SongShift (for transferring playlists between streaming services) went into version 3.0 with a great addition: where previously you could only transfer songs in batches of 50, now you can transfer a whole playlist of any size in one tap. 


This was the final nail in Spotify's coffin for me, at least for now. All my songs are now on Apple Music and I've been loving it so far. 

Yup, I won't be renewing my service after this. Really a shame they're ignoring their paying customers.

There should be an option when a daily mix pops up to lock it in. "Keep Mix" or something so that it doesn't go away.

Hi, I had this problem too and it was returned. However, my favorite Daily Mix has now disappeared. I listen to it all the time, and would like i tback (if possible). It's honestly the best playlist I heard.

Others I know have also gotten this problem. What gives?

Thank you!

My Daily Mixes are


  ·Movie Soundtracks


I heard new music and the 3rd Mix was created today, but as i could see at this post, probably i should hear music at all of my mixes not to lose them.

I got 6 lists, all in different styles.  The last one was the best (#6). I got this list only for about ten days, now is replaced for another (not so bad but from different genre). I used to listen this list in a car and at work at least 2-3 hours a day for ten days and nothing form the rest of lists. So it was no doubt the most listenable list so far by me. And disappeared. LOL. Pathetic. 


Spotify if you do not want to loose your users  you must change you algorithms or at least say something. Now its very frustarting for users. Say them before its to late  save your favourite lists beacuse we can take them any time!

I have 6 Daily Mixes that I love and listen to very regularly.  Sometime last week one of my favorites, that I have had for at least a year, was replaced by a mix that is exactly the same as two of the others now.  I'm not happy at all.  I now have 3 mixes that are exactly the same and three that I like and my favorite is gone.  One other that I listened to pretty regularly is missing as well.  

I don't understand why these mixes can't be saved or pinned down when we get one that we really like??

hasn't happened recently, but a while ago on one of my old accounts it removed my favorite daily mix and left me with this EDM (which i hate) and that was the only daily mix, the only thing that i can think of is spotify trying to get you to branch out, because I mostly listen to metal, and I am getting more daily mixes other than just metal. still annoying and I don't like the new style (with songs being changed to favorites and a heart instead of a check) does anyone know how to get that back, because Spotify seems to be pulling a YouTube with pointless updates that you can't fix

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