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I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app


I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I'm having trouble logging onto my Spotify account through my iphone app. I keep getting a message that my user name or password is wrong. I have changed my password twice. Anyway to get the issue resolved?
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I was just having the same problem. If you don't have your account connected with facebook, then the way to login would be to enter your email address as the username without the part. Then enter your password. 

Same problem again...... Ready to close my account!!!!  Can log into the Website with no issues.  But Galaxy App/ Forget it! Same issue with the downloaded app on my new Lenovo Computer.  App/ Forget it!  Tried all the usual stuff.  Redownload, change password....etc.


Not worth my efforts anymore!  Pandora gets my money!

Hi there... You should log in only your username and not your email address. Under "username" there must not be a "" Hope this helps.

Hey, I have tried this and it still doesnt work. I think i will just use another app.

Awesome!!!! Worked thank you


incredible how big c_r_a_p spotify programmers can do. if the problem is simple login, what other problems are hidden in this stuff?


so many people are heving the same problem for so many years with no real help from vulnerable spotify's guys, annoying. it is a really big shame spotify corp.


greetings from Poland

working, Thanks 🙂

Dang. Such a stupid thing and almost angry can't login to my new iPhone with spotify. And solve by enter ONLY USERNAME NOT email address..thank a bunch

This is the dumbest thing ever! ugh! But thanks for the resolution. I was going crazy!

This sounds so silly and stupid. Wonder why Spotify wouldnt fix something so basic.


Thanks OP for posting the solution.


just one thing to add.. the username is CASE SENSITIVE. I recently got the iphone 7 and when trying to login my phone would automatically capitalize the first letter of username - bad! I was getting the same error you are having (username not recognized, etc.). pay attention to the capitalization of your username.

Hope this helped!

I have tried using my username only as well and it still won't let me in. This is ridiculous!!!

Perfect. It was ditto for me. Thanks for saving the day

I was having the same problem for 3days then I logged in with just my user name which is my email but took off the email address and voila it worked! Yay! Music to my ears!!!

Can't get Spotify premium to take money off my Apple Store credit. I have over 30 dollars on there and it won't let me listen to music without commercials. Plus it won't allow me to login after I logged out now I'm trying to login again and it won't allow me to do it. Plz help thanks

I'm having problem login in my Spotify

Don't use your email address just use the name before the or etc.

Worked for me too!

I changed the password and I still get into my account unless this problem is fixed I am canceling my account

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