IOS Playlist Issue


IOS Playlist Issue


I have a huge playlist that i add all of my favorite songs to that has over 2700 songs now. Sometimes if I like a whole album I will add the whole album to my playlist. When I try to play from the top of the playlist where a new album was just added it will play the first song at the top and then skip to the last song of the album and then just continue on to what ever song is next in the playlist but skips the whole album in the middle. For example, with an album of 12 songs, Spotify plays track 1, then goes immediately to track 12, plays track 12, and then goes through the rest of the playlist.

 This is WITHOUT shuffle on. Also not sure if this is related or not but the first song of the actual album happens to be the last song added in my playlist and the second song in the album is the first song in my playlist. 

 I am not sure if this is a bug glitch or not or how to go about fixing this issue any input would be much appreciated.

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Music Fan
I had a similar problem but I made the playlist to go in order by artist and it fixed my problem
Daniel Camacho