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Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen


Interesting bug on iPhone lockscreen

Hello everyone,

I've recently updated to Spotify 0.5.2 and noticed that the iPhone Spotify app is causing an issue on the iPhone lockscreen in regards to displaying the currently playing track name. When I begin to play the first song of an album, it plays correctly. If I then try to skip to the second track through the lockscreen, it also works correctly and the song name under the clock is updated correctly. However if I try to skip again to the third track, the third track begins to play but the second track's name still displays under the clock. I can skip forward and back at will from the lockscreen, but the second track's name will always be displayed. I thought this was iOS6's fault, but then I tested it on an iPod Touch 4G running 5.1.1 and got the same issue, which leads me to believe it was a Spotify bug. I then used iTunes to revert back to 0.5.1 on my iPhone running iOS6 and the issue has gone, further underlining the fact that (for me at least) it has been a bug introduced in 0.5.2. Can anyone replicate this bug? I'd like to see if a patch could be issued so I can get the new Radio feature without losing the ability to see my song name in the lockscreen.

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That's my main frustration as well. I have bluetooth streaming in my car, and the info on the dashboard not updating correctly is the most annoying thing.

I've used the bluetooth streaming since before Spotify even used to show Artist/Album/Title on the lock screen and over A2DP. I've never really seen the time elapsed work correctly, all the time. The weirdest behavior is when I leave the car, then come back and resume, it shows a time that basically never stopped (i.e. come back 2 hours later, the elapsed time reads 120 mins).  This may be an issue with iOS, rather than Spotify though.


Still wish they'd fix the lock screen into issue though.



Yes I have seen that behaivor as well with the time when I stop the car and start it back after a while (2010 G37) and I can live with that. The time will(or used to) reset it itself upon next track seek, though. Also, the track name would change.

@stealth210 wrote:



Really? I can't believe it. I see that update today but haven't applied it since it mentions nothing about fixing this issue. I am now angry that they went trhough 2 entire release updates and almost 2 months without fixing this issue. Searching for alternatives now. I'm not paying for this any longer. It IS a big deal to me.



Try Rhapsody. Same price. Large Library. Rhapsody radio. Free trial

Great job fixing this bug in the new version guys.



This is a serious issue that needs to be sorted out ASAP. As stated by others before, it's not only affecting lock screen, but bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) and Airplay as well.

Currently Spotify fails to deliver correct track information i.e. to my car audio system (A2DP) and my home audio system (Airplay with Apple TV).

This issue compromized the whole usability of Spotify and makes users to consider unsubscribing the service. Please fix the issue ASAP!

Actually, the newest update resolved my lock screen issue. But the names of songs in my starred playlist are not showing through my car stereo. I thought a moderator would be in here by now resolving conflicts. 

Latest fix seems to have fixed the lock screen issue for iPhone, not for iPad. At least it works now better with my iPhone 4S with latest iOS, but iPad 3 still has the problem.



You say that the latest update resolved the issue on your iPhone? bigdrop reported that it did not. I have now applied the update and will test the update on the way home. Will report back with the results.



Just deleted all iPhone Spotify app data, installed 0.5.4 and the lock screen is still bugged..*sigh* Back to 0.5.1 again...way to keep customers hanging, Spotify..

Ok, just tested the latest version and the issue remains. Here's a visual on what happens. I'm playing the album in this picture. track #2 "Rearviewmirror" is being displayed which lasts about 4 minutes. What is playing during this picture is Track #5 (couldn't tell you the exact name for obvious reasons).

It worked for 5 minutes. Back to canceling my service

It no longer matters to me. When I contacted support about the bug they treated me like I was a dim-witted idiot. I am canceling and not looking back. I am a rhapsody subscriber now. BTW Spotify. Screw yourself.

Correction to my earlier report: latest release DID NOT FIX the issue for iPhone either. It just looked like that for a moment, Spotify can now handle the first track change. Then the lock screen / car audio display gets stuck with the track 2 name. Every now and then it succeed to change the track info but fails 90% of time.

Please fix ASAP!

Moderator Meridith just posted on the track name stuck thread. "New version out now. Please reinstall". It has been 2 months and we are no closer to having this issue resolved than we were on day 1.  Just unbelievable .



Is Meridith talking about the release from the other day, or is there supposed to be a new version just released today? If the latter, I'm not seeing it in my list of apps with available updates.

I'm not seeing one for today either. I think she is talking about 0.5.4 which was a couple days ago. That did not fix the problem.

I've had this problem for over a month now. I wrote to the support guys in context with my car display. They told me they didn't support car audio systems yet. Deftly not commenting on the lockscreen issue altogether. Hope this gets fixed. Love this service.

Maybe we can get someone fluent in Swedish to write into the support team. They don't seem to get it. Your comment about "we don't support car systems" tells me they are NOT UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM.

I can write to the support team in Swedish but does anyone know where I should send it? I mean where can I reach the support team? The moderators are they the support team?

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