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Playlist Search Problem (0.9.0)

Playlist Search Problem (0.9.0)

Still having the same problem I had before this latest update. When searching for a particular artist in my playlist, when entering artist name into search bar at the top it lists the artist and songs no problem, but I can't cancel the search and go back to my playlist. I gave an example in the pic below, using David Bowie, it list his tracks no problem, but after playing a couple of tracks, the wee 'x' for cancel in the top search bar doesn't work, and I can't get back to the playlist. This problem first appeared on 0.8.0.
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For me, hitting the "x" clears the field and launches the keyboard. Once that happens I just hit "Done" with the box empty and the whole playlist returns. Does that not work for you?



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Thanks for replying Peter. Tapping the 'x' still launches the keyboard, but deleting the search term (e.g. David Bowie) from the search bar still leaves only Bowie in the playlist, even after tapping 'Done'. It worked fine before 0.8.0 came along. I have to reboot the app every time I want my whole playlist back.

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