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Random music after inactivity


Random music after inactivity






iPhone X

Operating System

iOS 12.0


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 Every time after a period of inactivity, when I open the app, it shows the message saying than I’m listening music in web player Chrome and changes the playlist being reproduced to one of the same artist (Screenshots attached, I mean every time plays a playlist from the same profile...)


By the way, this artist is not any I follow or listen...


So, this is what I already did...

I changed credentials.

Closed all sessions open.

Cleared cache in the app.

Did a reset in the iPhone.

Reinstall app.


None of this worked... I’m not sure but I guess it started after las OS update.


I’m  able to select “listen in this iPhone”, change my playlist without problems and listen. Until I pause, close the app and then  come back in a while... then it happens again which is annoying.



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Fixed in version 8.4.73.


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Hey @changoleoncin, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


I'd recommend performing a password reset and using the Sign Out Everywhere, Remove Offline devices from your Spotify account page.

Hope it helps 🙂



Thank you for the info. I already did but unfortunately the issue is still happening 😞 

Hey @changoleoncin,


Sorry that didn't help 🙂


Could you check this thread as the user had a similar situation with yours?


Hope it helps!

Marked as solution

Fixed in version 8.4.73.


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