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iPhone Isn't Syncing Local Files Album Artwork

iPhone Isn't Syncing Local Files Album Artwork

My apologizes  if this is already a thread but I'm in a rush right now and I'd really like an answer.


I have premium so I can sync local files to my phone. I used to have maybe 60 songs synced and all of the songs with album artwork on the file had cover art when I played the song. I deleted the spotify app a few weeks ago and when I now try to go sync new music none of the album art is downloading with the songs; it just shows the gray music note. I know for sure they have album artwork because on the desktop version the artwork shows. Any idea how to fix this? 

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I've brought this up with Spotify three times now and every time I'm told they're working on it. There've been at least five or six app updates since I first mentioned it.

It doesn't seem like they're giving it much thought.

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