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Cannot log in on Iphone and recieving no support from Spotify

Cannot log in on Iphone and recieving no support from Spotify



I recently started a new contract with Vodafone. I chose a contract which would provide me with 3 months free Netflix or Spotify Premium. 


I enthusiasticly chose Spofity Premium as it is something I have considered getting before but had not yet taken the plunge.


I have an existing free spotify account but never use it. So I downloaded the app and went to sign in to my told me my username or password were incorrect. So I changed my password then I tried again, I recieved the same error message. I changed my password again. Tried logging in again, recieved the same error message.


I checked online forums to discover people have had the same issue but that it was reolved through ensuring to use their username not email. I was already doing this... but I tried again anyway. I still recieved the error message.


I tried logging in on my laptop, this worked fine. I tried on my Ipad, this also worked fine and both acknowlegded my uphgrade to premium through Vodafone.


So I deleted the iphone app and reinstalled, tried again, I recieved the same error message.


So I restarted my phone, tried again, I recieved the same error message.


So I went to contact spotify, there is no contact number so I emailed. I got a reponse the next day which advsied me to do all the things I had already tried. I did them again anyway but still recieved the same error message.


I have emailed Spotify four time snow since April 6th and have had no respone! I


The sole reason I wanted spotofy premioum was to use it on my phone  on the go, I have little use for it on my ipad or lptop as they stay at home!


I cannot believe I am getting no response and there is no number to call. I am now nearly a month into my 3 month trial and have not been able to use it once!


Please can someome help?


Thank you




1 Reply

Hey @kimscoltock

Thanks for the post!

I had a look and it appears our Email team has replied to your last query.

I've resent it. Remember to check your spam/junk folder 🙂


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