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Cant log in

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I cant log in to spotify,  as every time I do log in on wifi, with the correct email and password, I see my spotify home page for a brief moment and then I am returned to the log in page almost immediately. I can tell it is my account as it has my playlists, however I have recently been getting a lot of Brazilian dance playlists in my recently played section, when I definitely haven't played any Brazilian music. I feel like I have been hacked or something, and is there a chance they have banned me from my own account or something? This is really frustrating as I had a lot of long playlists, and I also highly dislike the music the 'hacker' has being listening to. I have no clue why they would want my account as it is a free account.

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Just an update, I can log in and stay logged in when I have no internet connection, but as soon as I turn wifi back on, spotify returns to the login page. I have included a screenshot of my page showing the music that has been played on my account vs the music I listen to

Thanks for any help and sorry for the double post, I just joined the forum

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Try going under your account overview settings and choosing the "sign out everywhere" option. I would also recommend changing your password just to be extra safe. Hope this helps!!

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