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Devices deauthorizing on app update

Devices deauthorizing on app update

so this is starting to really p i s s (this is not a swear or derogitory why this hits the filter is beyond me) me off; i keep having my devices get deauthorized and all my downloaded tracks deleted because the service cant distingush the application updating from a new device signing in....


whoever is coding these apps needs to get their **bleep** in order as it should not be creating a new UID for the application just because it updates to a new version on the same one device. this has caused more than a couple data overage charges on my smartphone due to me not realizing that my phone or computer updated and kicked the oldest logged in device off the account for offline access.

i have 3 devices that i use for my offline storage: my desktop, my laptop and my smartphone, this has not changed in months and i have gotten multiple overages because of this. even before when it was the in-dash unit of my car, my phone and my desktop for well over a year it still did this so it is not device or model dependent.

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Hey @Mechcondrid!


It's not cool that this happen. Just to confirm, are you using more than 3 offline devices? The steps in here could help you solve the problem with the Offline Mode.


Take care!

no I only use 3 at any one time

so still no fix on this, and i'm not using offline mode.

i'm downloading playlists so i dont use my bandwidth, but i am never toggling the offline mode setting

Hello I've got same problem with my smartphone. I did an update android  to Oreo and spotify reconize another device. So It's say that I've got more than 3 devices using offline feature.


I tried to remove devices on my account, but IT DOESN'T WORK ! button "remove All devices" on my account do nothing !!!

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