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Forced to pay yearly

Forced to pay yearly

I don't get it, I used to have premium a while back and I was paying 9.99 a month, but now I come back and its forcing me to pay over 116$ for a year, I do t want to pay for a year right off the bat! Yet everywhere i look, on the spotify site, on spotify every single time i turn it on, i get " get spotify premium for 9.99 a month!" And then i click on get premium and it gives me no choice but to pay 116$ plus tax, either fix your payments or quit false advertising and if we actuslly have to pay a year right away, I can't wait to see how much the client base is gonna drop..
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This has not been changed knowingly and is most likely an issue clientside. Try clearing your cookies/cache or using an entirely different browser.

Can you post a screenshot of the page you are seeing?



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There you go that's what it says, I don't get why, but its for sure I don't feel like paying all that right off the bat

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