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Hacked, then premium and all songs deleted

Hacked, then premium and all songs deleted

Its feeling like I'm in a frustrating loop. I got an email from Spotify this morning telling me to change my password due to suspicious activity. I did. Then I tried to log back into my account (linked to my facebook also) and no matter what I change my password too, I cannot log in using my email address- it says the email and password do not match. 

Next, I used facebook to log in instead, and when I get into my account I see that my Premium subscription that I've had for years has reverted back to free. ALL of my songs and playlists were deleted and replaced with 11 songs that I did not download. 


What is going on? Am I just better off deleting the account and creating a new one? Gotta say Spotify, I'm deeply disappointed in the communication and help here. 

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Hey @user-removed ,


Welcome to the Community! Sorry to hear your account has been hacked.


I recommend you to check out this article and make sure you follow all of the steps there.


I hope this helps 🙂

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