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Help: Forgot my email address and password connected to my account

Help: Forgot my email address and password connected to my account








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I created my account a long time ago, in the early Spotify days. Because Apple has made it super easy to transfer apps and login accounts when you switch to a new phone, I've managed to always keep being logged in to my Spotify account. However, I use a username so I cannot see what email I have connected to the account and I can definitely not remember the password.


I recently got a MacBook and want to install Spotify on it. However, I cannot sign in to my Premium account... Please help me solve this mess.


Many thanks,



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Hey There,@misakss


you can click on the "Forgot Password" and if you have a Google/Gmail account you will get an email giving you the option to Reset your password and if you should be able to login again



Thanks. I did that but did not receive an email to any of the email addresses that I use today. I.e., I assume it's connected to an old email address of mine. Does this mean that there is no way for me to use my account except for in my phone (where I'm **bleep** if I get logged out)?

did you try sending it to different emails?

I just remembered the password. It was registered to an old email I don't have access to anymore, so I would not have been able to fix it that way.


Thank you for helping me!

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