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Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer


Hi-fi, lossless playback, FLAC offer

Just received a notification via the app for lossless playback, etc.., for an additional $5 but i clicked back and now it's gone? How can i find this again?


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when will it become avalible?

My Tidal 1 month trail is soon over. But I think I wil stick with it and unsubscribe to spotify if the cant deliver lossless.

there is really a noticable difference in audio quality. 

I would love to get the chance to try lossless audio on Spotify. It would make my monthly bills go down because I wouldn’t have to use 2 different streaming services. 

With 5 G mobile service currently testing in some parts of the world. There is more then enough intensive to go " Lossless " Spotify has to change fast. If not its game over.  

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Hi all, Spotify Staff here. 


We don't have an offer for lossless playback. The absolutely best way to let Spotify know you would be interested in such a feature is to leave your vote and comments here: "HiFi Quality - Lossless Streaming 16bit 44.1khz"


I can assure you the feedback in the Idea Exchange is being passed on to the internal teams on a very regular basis. As soon as we have any updates on this we will post in that thread first. 


Thank you for coming to the Spotify Community to give us your feedback. If you have any questions please post here.


since the time that you are told I do not think that spotify really do what with their update nothing at all.

it is now who must move is unacceptable to stay 3 years! like that by being Numero 1

Spotify has started to delete some of my comments calling out staff for dumping concerned users to this forum to "vote" rather than giving any updates of use. It appears this is a sensitive issue for them?

Good news!


Spotify has announced that later this year lossless quality is coming and it will be called Spotify HiFi


Check out my blog post about it


Check out this news article for more information:

Five Things to Know About Spotify HiFi


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