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How can I change my linked Facebook account "without deleting" my Spotify created with Facebook?

How can I change my linked Facebook account "without deleting" my Spotify created with Facebook?

I created my Spotify account with Facebook about 3 years ago. And using Spotify Premium ever since.


Recently I deactivated my Facebook and my Spotify name turned into random numbers. When I a reactivated it, it turns normal but I want to keep my Facebook account deactivated.


I have another Facebook account that I use only for advertising with no friends and I'd like to change my linked Facebook account into that one without deleting or somehow recreating my Spotify account, because who wants to lose everything? (playlists, friends, subscription...). 


Is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you.

3 Replies

Hello @vodvilist

Unfortunately if you created you account with Facebook there is no way to unlink it. Only option is to create a new account. If you go that route, you can send a request through the contact form to get all your music/playlists transferred to the new account. Keep in mind that your subscription can't be moved, so you need to let it expire and subscribe again on the new account.


Thank you for your answer @jsannn


I was just hoping a miracle solution like in this thread,


Since it's pretty old, I wonder if it's still possible.

Sign in to Spotify through your browser. Go to your account and put forgot password.  Spotify will email you a link to reset your password. Open the email link and put in the new password. Go to your Facebook if you have a Facebook and change the password to your Facebook after you are done. You can then login separately using two different passwords for Spotify and one for Facebook I just done it

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