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Is it possible to change the picture of the discover weekly playlist? (it's a picture of my ex -.- )


Is it possible to change the picture of the discover weekly playlist? (it's a picture of my ex -.- )

hey there,

i'm a big fan of thee weekly playlist, but - i really don't know why - spotify decided to use a picture of my ex which was a couple of months ago in my facebook album. this maybe petty, but for me it's more than annoying.

is there any chance to change this, or to reset the cache so it doesn't take this picture?


thanks for your help, community!

69 Replies

Hey all,


I'm very sorry to hear that you have been experiencing this.


I've got a few suggestions that could help you out:


  1. Unfollow your Discover Weekly playlist.
  2. For Spotify standalone account, try disconnecting from Facebook by following the steps outlined here.
  3. Reinstall the app with these steps.
  4. Link your account again to Facebook (for Spotify standalone account only).
  5. Follow again your Discover Weekly playlist by heading to Browse > Discover Weekly.
  6. The new picture should reflect within a few days.

If you continue to have issues, please email our team here. We'll troubleshoot further in the background.

I tried everything often enough but nothing happens. The old picture remains.



I have a FB created account and can't fix my Discovery Picture.  But I found this on your support site:

"Can I change the picture? 

Of course! Since we use your Facebook profile picture, all you need to do is update it on your Facebook page.  

Note: It may take a little time for the changes to be reflected on your Spotify account.



Does this mean the Discovery Picture should be updating inline with the main account one?  My one isn't - please help fix this!

thanks for this because my discover weekly picture was also a pic of my ex and I haha

I just cancelled my Premium subscription. This issue has been around for over a year and either the Spotify Devs are incompetent or Spotify just doesn't care. I too am going through a divorce and am reminded of this every time I use Spotify. Rediculous.

Agree! This should be a simple fix and instead I'm constantly reminded of
my ex... it's especially great when I'm with guys I'm dating... so sorry
about your divorce.

Just found this post because I was looking for the exact same answer for the same reason!! Haha, would prefer not to see his ugly little face everytime I go on Spotify... 😛


Partial response from support:

"It can take up to three weeks for your Discover Weekly picture to update. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience this has caused you."




Anyone else having a hard time paying for premium service to a company that takes 3 weeks to change a picture?!?!?!?!


Partial response from support:

"It can take up to three weeks for your Discover Weekly picture to update. We apologize for the delay and inconvenience this has caused you."


3 WEEKS?!?!?!?! 


Anyone else have a problem paying for a service from a company that takes 3 weeks to change a picture?!


So I received an email stating that Spotify would immediately fix this issue on my account. All I had to do was follow the playlist again. Here's the run around so far in an email I just sent back to support:

"So, we are now in, what we in the software development industry, define as an infinite loop.

  1. I tell you that I have cancelled the premium subscription because I have an issue with the picture on the Discover Weekly playlist. It is of my ex wife and I. And I have a problem supporting an internet company that takes 3 weeks to change a picture.
  2. You tell me to follow the playlist so that you can fix the problem IMMEDIATELY. --> "We need you to follow Discover Weekly again for us to take down your picture immediately. After you follow Discover Weekly, please give us a heads up."
  3. I follow the playlist and notify you that I am now following the playlist.
  4. You then you respond that you've fixed the issue and would I confirm. --> "We've restored the Discover Weekly playlists on our end. Can you please confirm if the image on your Discover Weekly playlists has changed? "
  5. I check and the issue is not fixed
  6. You then send the first email telling me that I deleted/unfollowed the playlist (I did not) and I should once again follow the playlist so you can check and fix and it will take 3 weeks for the playlist to update. --> ​​"We've checked on your ******* account and can see that you have deleted the Discover Weekly playlist. Please follow it again and get back to us so we could check it backstage. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. Please allow up to 3 weeks for the picture on the Discover Weekly to be updated."

OMFG !!!!!!! I break the loop and tell you that my premium account is still in cancelled status and will expire in 10 days on 11/24. Let's see how many times this loop will iterate because once 11/24 comes and if I'm still seeing that picture I'm done and will be switching to a different music service that doesn't remind me of the **bleep** that I'm currently going through because the development team can't change a picture in less than 3 weeks.


I'll also note that there is no continuity to who is handling this issue. So far I've gotten emails addressing this issue from Analyn, Christine, Constantine, and one response didn't even have a signature. I can't wait until I get the survey."

i have read alot of comments on this, and i have tried all the solutons that where said. my account was created via facebook, and i have changed my Facebook profile about 4 times and i have waited months on end, why do i have to be constantly reminded of this picture? are there any other new soloutions?

This is so insane...  but in a effed up way, I'm taking so much comfort in the fact that I'm not the only one dealing with this issue...  and I'm lucky, my breakup is sort of amicable. Some of you are tallking about divorces...  let's continue the fight!

I have the same problem, but for me sadly its a picture ofme and my brother who past away, so Discover Weekly playlist picture I realy like to change it, plus feel like you had no right to use that picture, its a personal as it was the last time we spent together

Having the same issue. Picture of me and my ex....


Logged out and in again like 10 times. Made my account through facebook so I can't unlink Facebook... The photo is private as well... 

What the heck guys. Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue. Why can't we choose what picture it is? Is there a way to force spotify to refresh or should I just delete the cache?


From what I've read it's meant to use my current profile picture but the picture is over 5 months old!!


Gonna send support a email. In the mean time I guess I'll just make a new spotify account...




I think the solution to this is to email support and they'll manually update it.  It seems they know it's a issue.


Hello <retracted>,

Thanks for getting in touch. We're fully aware of the situation, and sorry that you have to experience this. No worries, we're here to help you update the Discover Weekly picture.

We've gone ahead and have reset your Discover Weekly playlist. This will update the picture attached to it as well. However, it may take a little time for the changes to be reflected on your Spotify account.

Let us know if it's still not updated within 3 weeks and we'll check it further for you.

We're very sorry for the delay and inconvenience this brought to you."

Same issue, my account is directly my facebook account. I tried to sign out several times, I deleted the picture on facebook but it still shows the same 6 months later.

Same! So annoying. I tried it all. Makes me wanna cancel although I love Spotify. FIX IT PLEASE!!!

I updated my profile on June 4, and it is December 5, and it STILL SHOWS THE PICTURE. 3 weeks, more like 6 months?! I guess I will have to email them.


I don't understand why this is an issue.  I cannot unfollow or make that playlist secret.  Nothing worked.  Unsubscribing from premium.

ok I had same trouble so I disconnected Spotify from my facebook for over a week and now I do not have this problem, try disconnecting it for a few days to a week. It helped me

Ok seriously, this issue needs to be fixed.


My actual profile picture updated when I changed it on fb, but the Discover Weekly photo continues to be an old picture, again like others on here, of an ex and myself.


This is exhausting that this cannot be fixed, causing tension in my new relationship, and frankly, costing more money than I'd like to pay on a monthly basis, which by the way hasn't been accurate either.


Please fix this asap! Other than removing myself from premium and using a different music outlet altogether, I'm honestly out of ideas of what to do next.

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