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Is it possible to change the picture of the discover weekly playlist? (it's a picture of my ex -.- )


Is it possible to change the picture of the discover weekly playlist? (it's a picture of my ex -.- )

hey there,

i'm a big fan of thee weekly playlist, but - i really don't know why - spotify decided to use a picture of my ex which was a couple of months ago in my facebook album. this maybe petty, but for me it's more than annoying.

is there any chance to change this, or to reset the cache so it doesn't take this picture?


thanks for your help, community!

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Sadly it did not work. Is there anything that can be done? Do I have to cancel my subscription?



Tried that last solution. Did not work.

I Had a facebook created spotify account.

I have to say "i had", because i had too unsuscribe.

My discover weekly picture was also a picture of my love, who's actually dead since a few years. At the beginning its not an issue, but after 6 years, when you want to rebuilt your life... You don't need such reminders.

I will not thanks spotify's team which seems to don't give a **bleep** about our issues.

Hey you from the spotify team, read some books about business! You will learn that to resist an to be resilient you HAVE to listen to those small problems that seems so little to you.

Is the software still working? For sure better than ever! But you're slowly decreasing and loosing the confidence of your clients.

Are they still clients? Maybe.

Will they change in a second if they find better, cheaper, or friendlier ? Exactly!


Do not evaluate your work with the amount of account active today. Evaluate your work whit the amount of satisfied clients who will be there next month with some friends!


In the internet business, old companies are the ones that have been listenning to their clients wills all along.

Yesterday spotify did not exist yet, tomorrow it will be forgotten.


Please like if you want a last chance to see your problem forwarded to someone capable. Someone who knows a solution since the beginning, and had not been asked yet. Because the are unable to transmit information in a broken communication chain of that fake support service!


Good luck to everyone!




This did not work.  

2 years and not fixed properly? It should be easy as "click to update photo cover" 😕

that did not work.

I've been having the same problem and tried every fix, nothing worked. Finally I installed the desktop version on a different PC (A PC that I've never used for Spotify), set my profile pic (Discover Weekly pic) on that PC and in about a day I noticed it changed on my other PC as well as my mobile devices!! I know not everyone has mulitple PC's to play around with but give it a shot if you can and post back. 

I have done this many times and it is still the same picture. It's been a year of trying to get this changed! Please help

If you uninstall spotify, will you lose your playlists and saved songs?

No, your playlists are bound to your account 🙂 you can safely uninstall spotify without losing them.

btw: wrong thread for this question!

Have you tried contacting the support?
My solution worked pretty good for me. Maybe try connecting your spotify to another facebook account (just create a temporary one and delete it after) and then reconnecting it to your own account. Should work!

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