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Library Song Limit

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Spotify staff-


I recently reached the 10,000 song limit in my library, which is a great disappointment.  As a loyal customer for over 3 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed your product, so much that I have shifted to using it as my main source of music collection.  There must be some way that you can enable "super users" to continue to file and organize their music over this arbitrary limit.  


There may not be many of us, but (and this should be obvious) those of us that actually reach this limit are your core constituents.  We are passionate about music and your product, and I can tell you that I have gotten at least 20 people to sign up to Spotify Premium over the past couple of years as I have raved about it.  I will continue to do so, with the caveat that Spotify just isn't yet ready to become a full-fledged music library of record for musical aficianados, much to my disappointment.


One more thought: You may find interest in the creation of some type of super user account that would allow you to charge SLIGHTLY more for those of us who desire or require a higher song limit (say, unlimited...) without having to alter the accounts of your millions of users.  Bottom line is that unlimited should mean unlimited, especially in this age of big data, but a 10,000 song cap with no alternative is absurd.




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I also recently reached the 10k limit and I'm totally annoyed by this! I'm a paying premium customer and if Spotify doesn't solve this soon (and this has been an issue for quite a while now), I will simply cancel my subscription. It's a simple as that. If they don't listen to their customers, they will certainly react to losing money. While I don't want to return to Apple Music, this seems to be the only alternative...

Like I said before . . . don't 'SAVE'' an album. Save only one song on the
album ie. An artist you like has 8 albums w 10 songs per album. If you save
all albums that = 80 files. Just save one song per album.

That = 8 files. Do the math. Enjoying spotify very much with no problems.
Have close to 300 artists with 1 - 25 albums each.

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What a strange hack with saving one song from album... its indeed will show this album in the albums list, but you will need some extra actions to see whole album and not only one song there. Whats more, if you save some albums for offline listening-it will save all songs automatically. So you will hit the limit here then.



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I listen to my songs on shuffle a lot, so I have been saving the songs I like. I do not save the whole album unless I like every song. Hoping this slows down the process of reaching my limit. Maybe by then they will have made it unlimited or more than 10,000. One can only hope!

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we were told this was only 1% of users 2 years ago.......that certainly can't be the case now can it? Longer we are all here the more will hit this max. Very dissapointing that Spotify doesn't seem too interested in an issue only it's most long term users are getting. We have been here paying for years now.


I 100% agree. There might not be a lot of “us” people who tend to save a lot of music, but it’s still really frustrating! It happens (and to a couple of my closest friends too!) to me once every couple of hours, and every now and then i need to delete a whole bunch of songs just so that i can save new albums or new music, so i have to make a playlist that consists songs that i cannot save in my library anymore; my classical music and jazz isnt saved in my library but in my special.


I reached the limit again just now and it’s getting frustrating because i keep deleting but end up reaching the limit again. I just want to be able to save everything i want!! (I selected all my songs and it said i “only” have 9666 songs in my library, which is weird, because you should be able to save 10000 or so, so there must be something wrong) 


But, yes, as a person who uses Spotify every single day for almost 2 years, i would very much want the limit to be deleted or at least changed for the limit to go up!! 



For those of you frustrated, I figured out a 'hack' to get around the limit (as I reached the limit and continue to bounce against it for the past 4 years).

Create playlists for different genres you listen to most, instead of saving the song for that genre, just drop the song into that playlist without saving to your library.  Bam!  Endless library.

-Much love, Hotdog

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but, what if you want to save full albums...not just singular songs...then
the playlist will fill up...


Then make another playlist.  Afaik, playlists have 10k song limits.  If you sort your stuff even a little bit, into say, 10 playlists, you have your whole library split between several playlists.

Sort your library into categories by your usage (ie.  mood, genre, purpose), throw all of the playlists into one folder, then start removing items that are in at least one playlist from your saved library.  If you do this long enough, you will have everything bookmarked via playlist and nothing in the library.  You can also hit play all from the parent folder on some (but not all) devices giving you a shuffle option for your entire unsaved library.

This method leaves your saved songs available for download.  So keep your most desireable songs for on the go in the library, maybe even in their own playlist, and the rest sorts itself out.

You can do this.

-<3 Hotdog


I  want unlimited too. At least more than 10.000. Just hit this limit. Not amused!

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i'm now for many years a Premium user on Spotify and i hit the mark today.


tbh. if this limit not removed anytime soon i will switch to another service. it's a total no go for me. It's just a database entry. So no big deal to change this.

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I have a playlist called 'spotify sucks' for this reason lol. I just add all new songs to that playlist, but don't add them to my library. It kind of works, but no limit on songs in your library would be the greatest. With this I have almost two libraries of music, so I can't shuffle through everything at the same time which is often frustrating. 


I was hit by this yesterday. I spend every working day and also plenty of my private time going on Spotify 'journeys'. I am now being forced to go through my entire saved libarary working out which albums to 'sacrifice'. This reminds me of an event some years ago when I was forced, with tears in my eyes, to decide which of my treasured albums to sell in order to pay my rent! 

Had I at least known in advance that there is a limit to the number of albums you can save on Spotify, it may have helped a little as I could have been more 'picky' as such. Not that that's really a decent solution. 

As with many of my co-music lovers in this thread, I have been raving about Spotify Preimum to mates, but now.. I'm not so sure.

Come on Spotify, what gives? Passion and loyalty should be rewarded!

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That "solution" is one I have been using, but it is grossly insufficient
when a fix for this would not be that complicated to begin with. I also
have hit the magical 10,000 limit on playlists, another irritant. They
really need to fix this, or risk losing a lot of their subscribers - the
people who actually pay for their service and USE IT.

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Unbelievable. I also hit that limit today. Out of the blue, with no warning what so ever. As soon as I get my personal info (how can that take up to A MONTH to assemble!?) I'm out of here. How arrogant can Spotify be? And why is there such a ridiculous limit in the first place? 

And if they REALLY need to have a limit, why the F*CK is there now counter for how many songs I have in my library!?

Nope. I'm off to a service provider who actually cares about their customers. What a shame.

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The thing is this:

Why is there even a need for such a workaround? How can other streaming providers make there services work just fine with a limit of 100k or no limit at all?


Why don't you make it possible to save the lib offline?

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Spotify really needs to address this. I'm still trying to work out how raising the 10k limit will (even if just for 'super users') result in a worse experience for the other users...baffling, unless there is some huge flaw in the design of the platform.


Eventually they will need to do this, so I'm not sure why they continue to disappoint their core supporters by ignoring this issue. I reached the limit a long time ago, and my Spotify experience has become more and more frustrating and disappointing because of this. 


I urge you, Spotify, please reconsider!!


I just hit the limit today as well


I've heard great things about spotify from many people over the years and the only reason I moved over from a physical mp3 library is so I could easy manage playlists without having to go back and forth with itunes and syncing my phone (and I have a big library of ~20,000 mp3s)


If I'd have known about the library limit I would have likely considered my options as having a limit is a bit of a dealbreaker for me tbh


It doesn't look like this will be changed, but I got on the 3 months for 0.99c and I have a couple months to consider that and see what happens



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@drunkenpumpkin wrote:

the only reason I moved over from a physical mp3 library is so I could easy manage playlists

You realize you can have as many Spotify playlists as you want, and each playlist has its own separate 10,000 song limit?