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I also have a Google Play Music account. There, there is a 1,000 limit songs per Playlist. I'd love to see a service that had it all. Ratings, no limits on playlists or library, custom genres. The user experience on every single music service available is terrible. Not intuitive.

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forreal forreal. i love Spotify but i hate this library limit time bull **bleep**. music is my life. THERE SHOULD BE NO LIMIT

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Thanks to person who advices to save into playlists!

I even didnt think that 

fking spotify  doesnt allow to "save" by albums (after 10000) but still allows to save to playlists)))

Actually for me it saves the problem. But the situation inself ridiculous.

But i have no hope to spotify became better product. Some time ago i had problem with dissapearance of saved songs. And actually a lot of people experienced this-check out the forum.

But most funny part-spotify even didnt recognises the problem! All problematic forum threads are closed by stupud "solution" to reformat your card, factory resets and etc-after which rhe same problem will appears)

But at least i can see that saved songs problem as possibly tough tech task.

But 10000 limit of basially text data???

Spotify you are pitiful)))


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This is a laughable limitation. I hit the limit last year, and now every time I find something new that seems cool, I hesistate, because of the chore of going through old library items to gauge their worthiness; "will I listen to this again in.. a week a month, a year?" It's just silly to think that will work, because music is a spontaneous thing, I can't judge what I'll want to hear next week by my current mood. 


Since the library isn't a library of music anyway, it is just a list of bookmarks- it encourages users to add to it liberally. Yet there was never a message saying "be thoughtful when you add items, because you only get 10,000 songs". There's no song capacity bar on your account page, it just pops up one day and makes the whole Spotify experience much more of a hassle. 


I'm seriously considering jumping ship despite the inconvenience.


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Good to know !

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There should be a solution! Spotify has to expand (at least a little bit) the song limit, it can’t stay like these. At least 11111 songs

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I just hit this limit 

Compleatly **bleep** 


I dont understand why you have this when apple Music allows 100,000 ! songs!   **bleep**? 

I relaly dont want to swith music streaming services but might have to with this BS 

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I'm a huge Spotify user/fan/supporter and this 10,000 songs limit is absolute garbage. Furious at the thought of that what otherwise seems like a forward thinking music-streaming service would have such an arbitrary and pointless limit. Also, I second the point of the user who stated that people on this forum ARE your biggest users; we're the ones adding 1,000's of songs becuase we are music fanatics.

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I originally posted my complaint on hitting the 10,000 limit back in November 2017. It does seem odd that to find myself in a 1% group that Spotify has decided to ignore as not the typical user. I almost exclusively listen to classical music and Spotify seems to have the largest collection and one that features really good recordings.


At least for classical music listening, Spotify IMHO has got it dead wrong when considering what listeners want to save (not download, but save in library). While Spotify does recognize albums of tracks, they musn't realize that for classical music all the tracks of an album are what are listened to. For example, Beethoven wrote Symphony9 in 5 movements intentionally, and wanted them to be listened to in a specific order. All classical music adhered to this convention going back at least to the early 1600's. The composer had a purpose in the way the movements are rendered, and of course today that cohesive single set of movements is represented as multiple individual "songs". But Spotify doesn't recognize this difference between an album of movements vs a bunch of countable songs. I would be grudgingly willing to accept a 10,000 album limit, but track is absurd! Come on... Spotify: are you even reading these posts at all?


As a few others have already pointed out, the way around this stupid limit that will work is playlists (as long as Spotify doesn't impose limits on playlists). In fact, I have explored several ways to use playlists that will allow me to go way past the 10,000 song limit.


Alternative 1 (the most likely):

When you search/find the album you wanted, instead of saving it to the library, select "Add to Playlist", and then select "Create". By default, Spotify gives the playlist the exact name of the album. All new albums I have found, are now added to my library as a new playlist instead of a new album, and I don't get the "Epic collection, friend" notice. As a cleanup, I may remove each album I have, re-search it, and create a playist for the album instead of saving it. For some reason, if I try to add a saved album to a new playlist it doesn't default to the album name. So I have to make Spotify forget about what I had, and then re-find it and add it to playlist.


Alternative 2: (relatively quick and dirty, depending on number of albums, less preferred)

I started to manually select each of my existing albums and add it to a single "Index" playlist which theoretically could contain the 10,000 songs I had now saved. I don't really recommend this alternative because the result would be a single playlist of songs that cannot be easily distinguished in their original album form. A sub-alternative is also to create playlists named "A", "B", etc. for all composers whose name starts with "A", "B", etc. Classical music lovers wil realize that with Bach, Beethoven, Brahms alone that "B" playlist can get confusingly long.



By using playlists in various ways, you can totally get around the 10,000 song limit. In fact, I'm a software engineer and read enough about the Spotify API to realize that I could write scripts that do all these playlist from album conversions, and remove saved albums. It's only a matter of prioritizing all the other ways for which I could spend my time.


But why go to all this bother, when this is all due to what is a completely inexplicable and seemingly arbitrary limitation?! Spotify: do you read such user posts? Why have you imposed this limit which is particularly unreasonable for classical music lovers who think of albums as the typical single unit and not its constituent tracks/songs?


Also Spotify: if you are reading posts, please don't add insult to injury with this entirely disingenous "Epic collection, friend" alert. You are not my friend - you are an app... or a company at best... but certainly not MY friend. You also are in no position to offer compliments to my collection as being epic or otherwise... because of your lack of regard for the way that classical music lovers will want to create their libraries. Please recognize the need to limit albums to 10,000 not songs... or create an entirely higher ceiling.




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Here's another long time user bumping into the 10.000 song library limit. Each time I want to 'bookmark' a new album for future listening, I am forced to delete an old one from my library. This is really annoying and frustrating, to say the least. I already deleted all of the albums I listen to on a regular basis, so my library is filled exclusively with albums I want to discover at a later time. Fix this ASAP!